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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


ELBA, ALABAMA has two restaurants - that I discovered: RANCH HOUSE (see yesterday blog)and JULIETTE'S, where I stopped in for my usual B'fast...but first, I spent a relaxing half hour over a cup of coffee with Bill, were we spent a restful night in his front yard.

Yesterday, walked an exceptional number of miles. Today, I paid for it. My let ankle is still sore and tender to the touch. I even had moments of indecision about having it x-rayed.

Walked 8 miles early on, reaching OPP, ALABAMA. Later, walked another 8 miles to the town of ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA, where SPIA is parked in WALMART for the night.

My night vision is going fast. Ordered a new pair of eye glasses from WALMART for delivery in ten days at WALMART, LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI. Have a feeling I must have my left eye cataract operated on before reaching OKLAHOMA CITY.

But for the moment, please say HELLO to the Nelson Family: Charles, Deidre and Davis, owners of NELSON REALTY COMPANY, the oldest real estate company in OPP, ALABAMA.

Son , Davis wrote the following regarding his town of OPP:

OPP: 6,00 population. Lost 3,000 employes to Textile Mill shutting Down between 1995 thru 2008...(moved to Mexico). No Growth. No Jobs. Small Sleepy Town. 30 year and older wood / brick homes of 1,200 square feet sell for $30k to 80k. Newer homer sell at $100 per square foot.

We all four ensued on a lengthy and in depth discussion of the local and national economy and its effect on the people...particularly OLDER people.

This is a copy of a photograph of Charles (the Father), circa 1985, plowing the corn field behind his 30 year old mule.
As in every Southern town, here is the Water Tower of OPP, ALABAMA.

OPP City Hall

OPP town shopping street.

OPP Residential Street.

Young's is an apparent thriving business in downtown OPP.

and, the inevitable Pawn / Second Hand be found in EVERY Southern town.

The Bank. One of the two most prosperous buildings in OPP.

The Church. The other prosperous building in OPP.

Another Bank, housed in an old building being renovated by a local citizen...who plans a penthouse for himself on the top floor

Please Click Click to read THE DEPOT.

The Railroad tracks still run beside THE DEPOT...but have not seen a train for many years.

Nostalgic remnants of a by-gone era.

Hand operated Station Signal.

Drove SPIA West on US 84, parked (above) and walked (hobbled is the better word) another 8 miles to the town of ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA.

I goofed today: I had an interview with Harry, the Owner of the local radio station. He gave me a few minutes between urgent business; I totally forgot to ask for his photograph.

I also stopped in at a country store specializing in dry goods, where I met and enjoyed a conversation with Donna...again, failing to ask for her photograph.

I apologize to both Harry and Donna.

I'm doing OK on my walk; but, my left ankle is really hurting me...still, after nearly 2 weeks. I must take it very easy the next few days...may even check it at the local ER.

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