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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Please say HELLO to Bobby. Bobby's girlfriend cleaned out her closet...This is the only place I have to display them, says Bobby. Walked past a couple hours later...looked like a few things less were on display...right in the center of the town of ASHFORD, ALABAMA.

Main street of ASHFORD. As planned, did walk this morning. Shallow Creek RV Park is 1.5 miles from town...another 4/4 mile to reach US 84.

Walked East on US 84 & return to SPIA, a total of 14 miles. Dizzyness subsided but left leg continues sore. Took a Naproxen which held down the pain.

Later in the morning, moved SPIA out to US 84 - checked out of the RV Park - and walked BACK to ASHFORD>

Shallow Creek RV Park.

Walking Old 84, found another shopping plaza containing a number of stores, including The Food Depot. This creative crew had a number of games customers could play. The Prize: A BBQ Steak Sandwich. Also on the outdoors BBQ menu was a BBQ Steak Dinner, including Baked Beans, Corn On The Cob, & Bread...all for $5.00.

I went for the dinner. Was excellent.

Inside the supermarket were watermelons for $1.99. I paid $8.99 in Florida for my latest melon a couple weeks ago. I bought two (2) watermelons and a few other goodies. As I was leaving. the BBQ Crew gifted me a BBQ Steak Sandwich...tomorrow's lunch.

I was pleased to be back on the road...even with the leg problem.

This stream is not flowing, but is still a nice property for the folks living there.

Received the Evil Eye from this kitty.

A garden tractor with mower 4 Sale.

Liberty Convenience Store on US 84 near the Chattahoochee River. Stopped in and chatted with other customers sitting at a table. Was my first few miles - about 1.75 hours out, so I took it easy to check how the body was doing. Stayed away from Ice was already HOT & Humid, even though still only 8:00 am.

AMX = Alabama Motor Express...a rather large trucking Company located on us 84 near ASHFORD.

In downtown ASHFORD, this building sat empty, as did over half of the main street businesses.

Folling are a few local homes in or near ASHFORD, ALABAMA.

Ranch Home with a field of Cotton...which will be harvested in late September.

The same Home from he other side...a nice back yard Lake to enjoy.

Walked 20 miles today.

Drove into & through the rather large city of DOTHAN, ALABAMA, complete with a number of Mc Donalds and the big Box Stores. Headed out a couple miles West on US 84, finding a Convenience Store which allowed SPIA to park for the night.

Was ready to walk back into DOTHAN when a powerful Thunder Storm swept through, pounding SPIA and flooding the parking area. Decided instead to call it a day and get the blog completed early.

Can walk back to DOTHAN in the morning.

Now if I can convince the Convenience Store to let SPIA plug into their electricity.

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Bob said...

Hi Bruce,
I finally got caught up on the last 3 weeks of your blog.
Pam and I have been in MN for a couple of weeks cleaning and painting after her last renters, what a mess.
Congratulations on making Key West! What an adventure.
Take care of that well oiled machine on your return my friend.