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Monday, August 22, 2011


The City of MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI, I AM finding, is a flourishing town with lots going on.

One of the Chicken Companies in MAGEE is TYSON.

MAGEE has an ultra modern Water Tower...the Mushroom !

This Pig Processing Plant is actually POLK's Meat Processing Plant. Wonder if the saying, "a pig in the Polk" originated here?

This is POLK's Plant on US 49 North of MAGEE.

Yesterday's Blog mentioned a tornado ...the above photograph is the aftermath of that storm which ripped off the roof and the entire end of the building...a large Food Distribution Plant...only couple hundred yards from where SPIA parked last night.

This is a tower not much seen anymore. It is a FIRE LOOKOUT Tower, standing on top of a hill next to US 49. My very close friend, Harland Eastwood - who passed away a few years ago - was with the US Forestry Service working on and around Mt. Rainier, Washington State. He and his new wife spent their Honeymoon while he kept right on a Fire Lookout in a tower much like the one above. No, they had no other place...they were 50 miles up steep trails high in the Cascade Mountains...Honeymoon was spent at the top of those stairs.

US 49...a modern high speed limited access freeway. A joy to walk, but the drivers must be new to such a high-tech road because they drive at very high speed, weave in and out and I have never seen a turn signal on. Really a bit uneasy to be so close to them with new toys.

A park full of deteriorating Mobile Homes. Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes make up most of the housing in this part of the South.

Traffic on US 49.

Sign reads "Sweet Potatoes"

Please note the white Pickup Truck parked in the distance.

Please say HELLO to William, author of the Sweet Potatoes sign, and driver of the Pickup truck.

I stopped, pulled up a milk carton crate, and sat chatting with William for a half hour or so.

William buys the Sweet Potatoes, finds a good shady parking spot and puts out his sign...says he will sell all his potatoes...sometimes he sells them at "cost" to his old-folk friends when business is slow. Just before Thanksgiving is when William makes most of his money.

The Store.

SPIA pulled into an RV park this afternoon. In need of much maintenance, it was a welcome sight and was a no brainer. All tanks are emptied - or filled...depending - , electricity has all batteries charged, and the Air Conditioner has the inside of SPIA like an ice box.

And, I got a 30 minute shower !

SPIA is parked on the bank of this beautiful lake...part of the RV Park.

The other end of the lake.

Went out walking from the RV Park for an couple hours. On the way home, bumped into this business, CAMPER KINGDOM.

Please say HELLO to Cindy and Jimmy. Really stopped in to purchase a Fresh Water Pressure Compensating attachment to protect SPIA's pipes from exploding (they are only plastic) from high water pressure.

Ended up, as usual, chatting for quite a while with Cindy and Jimmy.

This little guy was threatening to take my leg off...until, that is, I started talking to him, bent down and offered my hand...He was not ready for THAT...stopped barking and just stared.

Got this nice picture.

As I returned to the RV Park, the sky had somehow filled with monster Thunder Heads...only a few minute before, it was nearly all clear...

Nope, no rain...just a lot of noise.

In the morning I leave SPIA in the RV Park and walk. We leave US 49 in about 5 miles...then zig a bit...then zag a bit...all to avoid entering JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI. We will circle below town, ending up on SR 467; which, becomes US 80. We will follow US 80, paralleling I-20 nearly all the way across Louisiana. We will reach VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI on the Mississippi River in two days...Louisiana is up next.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments on Harland Eastwood are not factual. Where did you get your information and how did you come to know him? I can supply you with the correct information if you would like.