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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday we chatted about Soy Beans with photos and video of the harvesting operation. The above photograph depicts the rest of the a famous Chicago Radio Host used to say.

This toothy 18-wheeler is loaded with grain on its way to the Distribution Plant.

I said one of these brutes passes me every 5 minutes...I was passes me every two or three minutes. Harvest in Louisiana is progressing in a big way.

Toothy was a com'n; this guy is a go'n.

and, this is the destination. Grain is off loaded from the trucks and distributed into the silos by conveyor belt and gravity. Later, the grain will be shipped to processing plants...some even exported.

Agriculture: that is a major item produced by and in America. Uncle cannot ship our farms overseas, but is doing the next best thing - or worst thing - legalizing illegal immigrants, many of whom work America's farms.

The town of DEHLI, LOUISIANA also has a modern water tower. DEHLI is not really a big place, but it is very spread out. Not many abandoned shops in this town.

and that ain't no bull...Oh, yes it is. That animal staring at the camera is definitely a BULL.

A sign out on US 80 says ..."Bulls For Sale".

Another slowly moving muddy river. This one had a turtle in it, but was too far away to get a photograph of it.

But I did get a photograph of this "Snake" least it looked like a wiggled like a snake...but did not move...even when I nearly hit it with a rock - thrown in desperation to get it to move.

Turns out, my Snake is a tree branch broaching the surface.

So, after nearly 8 months walking through Snake Country, I still have seen nary a single snake.

But I did see this Cessna take off and make a few touch and go landings.

I think of this photograph as a perfect "His" and "Hers" depiction of the modern union.

The more traditional "Theirs".

This home must belong to a could easily pass for a Church.

And these home owners are either shy or enjoy playing peek-a-boo with passing travelers.

A field of Soy Beans. Johnny explained to me that there are a number of Soy Bean Varieties. Each variety has a different gestation (growing) period. The one we saw being harvested yesterday was harvested 110 days after planting. The field next to the field Scooter was harvesting has a growing cycle of 120 days...just right to allow time between fields, allowing a leisurely work schedule.

US 80...a nice road to look at. An awful road to walk or drive. This part of US 80...indeed, most of US 80 paralleling not maintained. It just about shakes poor SPIA apart, and I have tripped more than a few times on broken macadam.

A row of impressive trees lining US 80 in front of a very up-scale home.

And, we shall complete today's photo parade with this impressive image of flowering cactus.

It is 34 miles from DEHLI to MONROE, LOUISIANA. SPIA is parked in MONROE - at the WAFFLE HOUSE - for the night. In the morning - provided I am not chomped up by them - I will walk BACK toward DEHLI for 5 miles and return to SPIA...then, I will have walked the entire 34 miles...

Only walked three legs today totaling 24 miles. Ankle is fine...first day without Ace Bandages or Pain Killers..., but the humidity is weighing heavily on me as I walk...

Crossing the Deserts of the West, I always walked at least 25 miles by noon. Today, I am struggling to get that far in the entire day. Perhaps 7.5 months of continuous walking in near/over 100 F. with only 3 days' rest might have a bit to do with my performance.

Leaving Louisiana we also leave most of the humidity behind...then we shall see.

After the initial 10 miles in the morning, will continuing Westering on US 80.

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