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Monday, August 29, 2011


Early this morning, the MONROE, LOUISIANA sky was threatening. The above clouds were unusual in that there were no Cumulus thunderheads common in this area. The rain came down lightly for about 30 minutes; the sky cleared; the day became hot and humid.

The WAFFLE HOUSE has been a regular stop all across America. Last night they even allowed SPIA, SAM & ME to park overnight. It is great entertainment to sit at the counter watching the artist(s) at work at the Grill. Truly artist(s) at work as they skillfully prepare up to a dozen breakfast orders completely from memory from verbal information given by the Servers. The food is also artfully presented and is really good

A construction crew was installing (looks like) water pipes along US 80.

Silos of a design not often seen any longer. These tall round silos receive fodder (or grain) for storage and later use...much like we use refrigeration.

US 80 - the old highway across America before I-20 replaced it. These bridges are potential death traps for place to get out of the way from passing vehicles - especially 18-wheelers which use the entire space of the narrow lanes.

Some newer sections of US 80 are a delight to see and walk.

Each black horizontal line is an attempt to repair broken concrete. These repairs result in jarring bumpity bumpity rides. As the repairs are not flush with the old pavement, they are also a source for tripping the unwary walker.

We have all seen the yellow signs warning against digging because of buried gas lines. This is what that gas line looks like opened up...actually crews are installing additional pipes at this construction site.

Another meandering stream. No bubbly streams in this part of Louisiana...not enough water to move fast enough to bubble along.

This fellow barked at me coming and going. When I talk to the dogs, they are taken aback, not expecting a conversation from the object of their barking. This guy also gave himself away by wagging his tail as he barked. He is looking away as I got his picture because a vehicle went slowly past with another barking dog inside.

Church Architecture in the Bible Belt should be the subject of an in depth study and publication.

Please say HELLO to Bri.

Returning from my second walk of the day, stopped in at RUMORS, a roadside Ale House, for a cold beer. Spent a good half hour chatting with this interesting young lady, a local resident who has traveled extensively throughout the World.

Walked both sides of MONROE, LOUISIANA today for 22 miles. Spent 2 hours at the Laundromat washing all of SPIA's get rid of whatever has been biting me at night.

It is now 11:30 pm. Tried to get a few early hours sleep before completing this Blog, but alas, within 2 hours, I was again chewed upon 6 times within a couple minutes. As soon as I jumped down from my bunk perch, the biting stopped. Whatever is chomping me is still up there.

Tomorrow I will look up an exterminator to see if we can rid SPIA of whatever is lurking inside. After that, will continue walking West on US 80.

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