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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ye we are over nighting one more time in ELBA, ALABAMA.

Please say HELLO to Wayne Lawford, Owner of ACE Hardware in ELBA.

Crossing the USA I became a registered member of ACE Hardware, checking with them for all sorts of things I thought I needed. Yesterday, I popped into Wayne's place to pick up some new-fangled ant traps. Wayne GAVE me a carton of four traps, which are now at work inside SPIA.

Wayne and I also carried on - between comings and goings of his customers - about the condition of our Country; his choice comments regarding our leaders; and some in-depth religious matters.

I popped in again early this morning on my way out of town, whereupon we picked up where we left off yesterday.

I know, no hint of how our discussions progressed...but then, this is an international Blog...

Out on US 84 West of town, I came upon this lengthy section of true Serpentine roadway. I intended to walk for one hour and return to SPIA.

Before I realized it, over three hours had passed, covering 12 miles.

Reaching the top of a series of picturesque hills, I decided I better turn around and head back to ELBA. It was nearly seven hours before I reached SPIA...24 miles in one leg...and I was feeling fantastic.

Had not walked such a long distance in one fell swoop since back in the Mohave Desert days some months ago.

This is another river...this one bordering the West side of ELBA. It has a smaller dike - about 5 feet high -, which was one of the places breached by recent floods.

Yesterday, I mentioned the 18-wheeler Trailer Factory. Well, here it is.

The DORSEY Trailer Company. It covers about 4 square blocks on the West side of ELBA fronting US 84. Dorsey is still turning out trailers, but at a much reduced rate from the hay days of yesteryear.

Some Dorsey Trailers completed awaiting shipment.

I stopped in at the RANCH HOUSE Restaurant West of ELBA for a bite of eggs, home fries, bacon, and coffee (coffee was included in the basic price). On the wall in front of me was this cryptic advertisement.

A bit further down US 84, was this unique display of tires...also an advertisement of different sort.

One of ELBA's Churches.

At least ELBA Court House and Library hold their own against this beautiful Church.

An urban Ranch House fronting US 84.

And another, which will probably not be graced by another is clearly falling apart.

My ever-fascination with Blooms.

and, the Bumble Bee diving in for the nectar.

One bee landed on my arm...took a lick & flew off. I still stink of Ant Poison.

Walking back into ELBA after seven hours on the road, I stopped in at a local restaurant for a glass of Ice fact, I drank two glass fulls, for which the owner would not accept my $$.

These two Police Officers were sharing a table. I asked if I could join them. They invited me to sit. We proceeded to have a down-to-earth discussion about their town, their work, my walk, and a few other subjects.

We left with hand shakes and ..."be careful"....

During the rest of the day, I bumped into both Officers a number of times, including at the Pea River Park...see SPIA in the background.

See, Officer Willis, I did not spill the beans...good luck to you.

Please say HELLO to Officers Willis ( standing) and Simmons

I drove SPIA into town, took SAM off her perch and strutted (walked and rolled) about for a bit.
I was hailed by a grizzled old fellow, who says he tracked us down after seeing SPIA parked at the Pea River Park.

Please say HELLO to Bill.

Bill struck up an immediate conversation which continued as he accompanied SAM & ME up and down streets...ending finally at the ELBA Newspaper Office, where SAM had her picture taken and I was interviewed for Thursday's Weekly.

Bill then surprised me by inviting SPIA, SAM & ME to his home for the night. SPIA is tucked down with electrical power. SAM is back on her perch. I have enjoyed sharing some TV, a Chicken Dinner, a HOT shower, and good conversation with Bill.

In the morning, will share a coffee with Bill and be on our way to the next town...OPP, ALABAMA, some 18 miles West on US 84.

..."and the beat (of feet) goes on...

THE MAPS: Oh, just how did Columbus and Magellan come to possess maps of the Americas BEFORE they sailed into history- history as we know it !!

The People who created the maps were known for their deep blue dishes...found the world over as early as 1100 AD.

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