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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Before talking about the above dog:

I must apologize to Brandon and his wife, Lacy. The photographs I took this morning ended up on a portion of my camera chip which has become defective; i.e., I have no photograph for the kind young couple who graciously allowed us to park last night at their business property, ALLSTATE TOWING, INC & SALVAGE, on US 80 West of RUSTON, LOUISIANA.

Now for this pooch. He and his partner attacked me not once, but four times, crossing the highway to do so. I shooed then away from the highway, but this one came clear across to get at me. I pointed my MACE vial at him - but did not shoot -...he stopped, looked quizzically at it and continued to come at me. I then pointed my camera at him. HE STOPPED...LOOKED...AND RETREATED. The pooch was afraid of the camera.


There were three cows; two ran away...this guy stood his ground...good for him.

The destination of many creeks I have recently crossed...unless some significant rain falls soon.

Louisiana has it's share of logging trucks. These two are rolling through ARCADIA, LOUISIANA.

Most towns along US 80 are very small...a single street or two. SIMSBORO, LOUISIANA is one of those small is two blocks long...but does sport a nice High School.


There was a second Police Cruiser hidden along US 80.

Water tower in downtown ARCADIA, LOUISIANA. SPIA is parked for the night in an empty lot next to this tower...with the Fire Department on the other side. Stopped in at the Police Station to get approval to park...alas, it was open, but not a soul to be found. Hope they don't kick us out during the night.

Oh, by the way: NO BITING LAST NIGHT. The Bug Bomb appears to have worked.

ARCADIA has some elegant old buildings, some of which are in the process of renovation.

This is a rather large town with an obvious upscale past. Most buildings are empty or being renovated.

Trash to Treasure: A nice way to offer 2nd hand and "antiques" for sale.

Please say HELLO to Apryl. Yes, spelled Apryl: ..."My Mom put a "y" in all my sisters' names.

Apryl comes from a very "old" family, going back to the early 1800s. She and I had a long chat in the only restaurant in town, Luigi's, where I enjoyed a plate of Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.

Apryl put me on to Mount Driskill...Driskill is April's last name.

Luigi's Restaurant, ARCADIA, LOUISIANA.

Next door to Luigi's is this open space. At one time, back during the Depression Days, it was the location for Congers' Funeral Home. It was to Congers' where the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde were brought after they were gunned down during a Police Ambush about 10 miles from town.

This Plaque stands in front of the vacant Funeral Home. Click click to read details.

I drove out to Mt. Driskill, as suggested by Apryl. My visit was a good one. Hiked up a rough trail to the top of the mountain...and safely back down again without re-injuring my leg.

Beginning of the 0.6 mile trail to the top of Mt. Driskill.

A portion of the trail.

Guide messages are posted along the trail.

The top of the highest point in Louisiana at 535 feet above Sea Level. Trees have grown so as to block any view...but still nice to get back into nature and off the hot roads.

Some background of how Mt. Driskill came to be...also some history of Apryl's family.

Find Highway 154: This is the exact spot where Bonnie and Clyde died.

Mt. Driskill is a bit to the right on Highway 507.

I have a question: My walk has been as a mission to get from Point A to Point B. I have spent little time or effort at any individual spot...even though many interesting things could have been included if I had spent a bit more time.

I do not have a cast in concrete schedule to reach Point B. I would be pleased to adjust my priorities to include interesting sights / history / people along the way.

What say you ?

Was an enjoyable walk with very little pain. Felt good upon returning to SPIA. In the morning, will leave SPIA parked in ARCADIA and again walk West.

Today, walked for 5.5 hours, covering 20 miles.

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

I love how you include the people & interesting places you meet along your journey ~ you are showing me parts of our country I've never visited! I especially love your photos ~ thank you for sharing your trip with all of us!