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Monday, August 22, 2011


A crystal clear stream on SR 28 between MIZE and MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI.

Walked the 12 miles between the two late in the morning. Slept in after the all-night marathon producing yesterday's Blog.

SR 28 produced many beautiful homes with expansive neatly trimmed lawns.

Here are a couple more as we near MCGEE.

and, this is the NEW MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI.

Not that there is no town central...there is, and a very fine one. It is just that most business has moved out of town to across the tracks where unending Strip Mall has sprung up along US 49, leaving old down town to the Churches, City Hall, and Funeral Home.

The Magee Mall. WALMART started out in this building...has now moved to a much larger space across US 49.

SPIA spent the night parked in a shady corner of this parking lot.

The Catfish House on US 49. All the major chain stores are along US 49.

Somehow, this impressive Bank Building has joined the Strip Mall Parade on US 49.

I spent a couple hours walking around the old town and some of US 49. Separating the two is the railroad track. As with most railroads I have been walking along the past couple weeks, there have not been trains for quite some time...witness the rusted track.

Main Street, MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI. On a Sunday afternoon, quite empty...but then again so are most of the buildings...many for sale.

City Hall, one of the occupied buildings on Main Street.

MAGEE has lots of space...and yet, this spacious Baptist Church takes up 1 - 1/2 city blocks.

The remaining half of the 2nd City Block is taken up by this Methodist Church.

Interesting the two denominations have found comfort so close to one another.

MAGEE Residential Streets are both wide - and some very narrow -; clean with well kept homes...and some needing a bit of TLC.

Interesting feature of this part of Mississippi: the Trash typical garbage cans...just stand-alone trash bins...difficult to imagine having to be the "pick-up" guy trying to empty those bins. Most homes along US 28 have similar bins.

Half way from old town to US 49 is this unfinished hotel. It is close enough to US 49 that it could be overcome by Mall-Spread and completed sometime later on.
Felicia, Store Manager of Freds, where SPIA parked, said this area only a year or two was considered to be out in the sticks. Growth has been quick long US 49. There are a couple major companies, such as Polk's Pork Processing, two famous chicken raising companies, and a new major insurance company just moved in. MAGEE is not is growing by leaps and bounds...just moved West a bit to where the traffic is.

Oh, yes...two years a Tornado took out a major business...and only a short distance from where SPIA is not look forward to having to avoid one of them guys...but then, the first Hurricane of the season is now nearing Florida. Yesterday, Julius told me his 150 acre home spread suffered considerable damage from a recent Hurricane...and he is not even near the coast.

Sad to see SR 28 left behind. It was one of the more interesting roadways recently walked.

We now head North on US 49 to JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI...then pick up US 80, which heads West parallel to I-20 as we cross the Mississippi River at VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI.

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