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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm trying folks..really trying to get our walk under way again so something interesting can be included in our blog.

Is now 5:40 pm (local). Have just completed 10 miles...10 miles for the entire day.

Had an awful night and worse day...realized ALL my bedding was saturated with the residual ant over spray, which I have been sleeping on / between for weeks. Last night it caught up with me.

Woke up shaking with cold sweat chills ^ awful reek from my entire body. Tried to get out of bed & the World swam like abeam in 5 - foot rollers. I was POISONED.

Truck Stop was open all night. Took ALL bedding into the laundry & washed it all twice...pillows included..then asked the Manager Lady to sniff my just cleaned blankets...still reeking of ant way that stuff was going to wash out.

SOOoo...threw 4 pillows, 2 Duvet, 1 sleeping bag, 1 blanket, three towels, and two mattresses...everything...into the trash.

Then Manager Lady ordered ME to go take a long shower and use LOTS of soap...She was pours were running sweat with the stinky stuff.

Spent the rest of the morning doing MORE laundry and scrubbing SPIA.

Feel like such a jerk...barely avoid ER catastrophe and then insist on poisoning myself...that is two...hope I'm cat-like with 7 to go.

If that were not enough, in first two miles walking, was favoring my injured left leg guessed it, over compensated and pulled the left ankle muscle of my right leg...Have ice on it as I type.

Gnats were thicker today. They found ways inside my face net...swallowed two and one disappeared into my right nostril.

This is NOT fun walking !

Hunkered down in a Church parking Lot...hope we don't get tossed. Had my eyes examined at Wal*Mart this afternoon b4 walking. Left eye has deteriorated to "past ready" for cataract removal...the reason I cannot see to drive at night. Must bite that bullet soon.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring better.


No, I don't have anything better to do than write on the blog.

Now 7:15 pm (local). Both left and right leg ankles are puffing up and sore. Am going to put everything on hold for another couple days. Have returned to the BP Truck Stop to plead my case. Have received OK to stay, hooked up to electricity for the time being. At least am with friends (new ones) and have efficiencies close to hand. Can now run the itty bitty fan to keep the air moving all night hand keep SPIAs battery charged...still no A/C, but am thrilled to have such accommodating folks.

Yesterday, repaired two pair of my Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes. All five pair have rather large holes worn in the toe plate where I "push off" the macadam. Used J. B. Weld. Easy to mix and apply. Filled up the holes nicely and strengthened the surrounding toe plate. Today walked the 10 miles with one of yesterday's repaired pair. No apparent far so good. Would like to have some metal filings to mix in with the paste...would give extra resistance to wear.

Stay tuned...the day is not yet complete.

Oh, yes...a demonstration of the humidity. Bought a 3 pound box of GATORADE powder - enough to make 24 quarts. Yesterday evening, tried it out in a 1-liter bottle and dunked it into the ice of the ice chest. Worked just great...

This morning discovered I forgot to put the lid back on the GATORADE powder box. The first inch of powder had turned brick hard from (humidity) moisture in the air during the night.

Again matter the decision one makes, there is ALWAYS a price to pay.


Sandra Whitney said...

Use ant traps, not Spray!!! better for your health and environment and more effective for the ants!!!!

Danita said...

Bruce, are you Bonnie Victor's brother? She is a very special lady in my life. Travel with care! Danita