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Friday, August 12, 2011


After an undisturbed and restful night parked in a protected nich just off US 84, left SPIA parked while I walked West on US 84 and returned to SPIA.

Altogether, walked 14 miles this morning, including a couple good hills - both up and down.

Upon return to SPIA, my left ankle was swollen and in considerable pain...probably from negotiating the hills.

Another slow flowing river crossing under US 84 Bridge.

Same river from the other direction - this view is to the North.

One of the hills negotiated.

A quick note about my full-size wireless key board: the keyboard has been giving me lots of trouble...sticking keys, non-printing keys, etc. Stopped in at WALMART where I picked up a can of compressed air. Gave the keyboard a good cleaning. It now works like new.

Having walked more than the required miles to reach EVERGREEN, ALABAMA, drove SPIA all the way into town. Was NOT feeling well as the leg was extremely painful. Took a Neproxen and a nap for an hour. Upon waking, the pain was still with me, so went looking for the Hospital.

Checked into ER...becoming familiar with the protocol by now. Friday afternoon was a busy time for the ER staff, but after a couple hours, was admitted, had a consultation, and a series of X-Rays of my ankle and foot.

Another 2 hours of waiting revealed that there has been NO bone damage. That was my main concern as the damage was pulled tendons...akin to Shin Splint...which can in extreme cases, actually splinter away pieces of the bone where the tendon attaches.

A second evaluation of the X-Rays by another department confirmed no bone damage...only stressed tendons. Recommendation: R E S T

Told the Doctor, a lovely South American Lady, Amrita, that I already did rest...nearly 72 hours. She understood, being an athlete herself. We chatted - Amrita sitting on the examining table & me sitting on the stool - for over a half hour about this and that and a few other things, including that she would prescribe a high-level pain killer, IBUPROFEN 800 mg, to be taken twice a day.

It was nearly dark when Amrita finally released me from ER. Stopped at CVS to fill the prescription and took a quick Chinese Buffet while waiting. Was a good thing, too, as the Buffet folks allowed that SPIA could park overnight in their parking lot AND I could use the restroom later on - which is only for patrons.

It is now after 8:00 pm local and already very dark. SPIA is like an oven inside. Have all the windows and the door - all well covered with bug screens - open and two ittsy bittsy fans going to purge some heat out.

Dr. Amrita cautioned me to walk super careful. Further damage is quite possible.

In the morning, will leave SPIA parked and take a cautious stroll further West on US 84.

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Bob said...

Go easy on the ibuprofen, it's bad for your kidneys.