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Thursday, July 28, 2011


We enjoyed a pleasant night parked in JASPER,FLORIDA last night. At daybreak, drove SPIA North on US41 for 10 miles and parked in a pull-out next to a farmers field...First time I have seen the "rotary" sprinkler system in the South.

Following our current practice walked 5 miles back towards JASPER and returned to SPIA; only to walk another 5 miles North on US 41 and return to SPIA: total 20 miles by later morning.

This is a "Learning Center for all ages in the village of JENNIGS, FLORIDA.

The Post Office.

Walked a few miles North of JENNINGS, and came upon the FLORIDA - GEORGIA Border.
Walked 3 miles into Georgia and returned to SPIA.

Passed by these"woods"... forested land beside US 41 in Georgia.

Most of the area beside the road in Georgia is Marsh...better called Swamp.

Georgia Swamp...all the space under the brush and trees is covered in water.

I heard a number of loud "bellows" coming from the Swamp. I am not certain, but I believe they were Alligators sounding off.

This is Mud Creek. The water was not flowing, It was clear so as to see the actual bottom. Only the bottom was the rusty color which makes the water look black.

The JENNINGS B.O.P.E...better known as the Eagles.

We drove another 20 miles to the outskirts of the City of VALDOSTA, GEORGIA; parked SPIA at a Convenience store and continued walking...first South and then North into VALDOSTA.

Returning to SPIA, we had added another 16 miles.

We then drove to the West side of VALDOSTA, where we parked along side a church on US 84...we will follow US 84 for many days, until nearly reaching Texas.

Walked another 5 miles out and returned to SPIA...a total of 46 miles for the day.

WE then drove West on US 84 to the town of QUITMAN, GEORGIA,Stopped at the Police Station, asking where I could park for the night...just about can park right here at the station...or perhaps the big parking lot across from Hardee's.

I opted for Hardee's, where SPIA is settled down for the night.

What a complete change in attitude from the Police in Florida. Makes one wonder.

US 84 has a small problem. The entire bicycle lane - where I walk - is cut up with "rumble strips". I cannot walk on rumble strips, which puts me back onto the white stripe where vehicles buzz past within 6 inches of my right shoulder.

This house is For Sale...complete with 2 acres of timber land.

Actually, there are many beautiful homes to be seen where I have walked in Georgia. I am looking forward to sharing some of them in future blogs.

Except for moving SPIA, walk nearly continuous from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Yes, I am tired...but no injuries and looking forward to tomorrow.

DAILY REPORT: in 5 legs, walked 46 miles today.

Must walk back towards VALDOSTA for 10 miles in the morning to pick up the driven part of this evening...then we can walk West on US 84 towards the town of EMERSON, GEORGIA.

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