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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Palm Tree Shadows on the Street of KEY WEST, FLORIDA.

The KEY WEST Yacht Club served up a tasty Sea Scallop dinner for me last evening. Added a glass of Chardonnay Wine and a sumptuous salad. It did not keep me awake...slept soundly until 6:00 am (local). Drove SPIA back to the PUBLIX Supermarket for the day, then walked back to the Yacht Club to retrieve SAM.

SAM & ME spent from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm walking the avenues of KEY WEST. We were fortunate that Saturday is the day an entire street is closed to traffic and dozens of vendors offer every imaginable item for sale.

SAM received a number of compliments; some wanting detailed information. One person asked if he could rent SAM...or perhaps SAM was for sale. That made my wheels start turning.

Later in the day, walked back to the VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars), where SPIA will park tonight. Please say HELLO to some of the members who were enthralled with SAM.

One more shot of the harbor featuring House Boats for rent.

Some palm trees just begged to have their photograph published on the Net.

One of the many CONCH TRAINS giving tourists a couple hour tour of KEY WEST.

When not walking or riding bikes, many folks rent electric cars. Motor Scooters are VERY popular, far out numbering autos on down town streets.

This photograph leaves me completely bewildered. I simply cannot recall the events which led to this photograph, or the names of the two ladies. Perhaps it will come to me in my sleep.

I met many new friends today. More than ever before in a single day.

A home that caught my eye.

and, another hidden high in the trees.

Please say HELLO to Claudia - on the right. Claudia gave me a gel-filled neck piece which one places in ice water and wears around the neck to keep cool. She gave it to me cold, and I wore it the rest of the does work.

Claudia lives in FORT LAUDERDALE, and has invited SPIA to park at her office tomorrow night. A good omen to start our next adventure walking to OKLAHOMA CITY.

A scene of the street market in down town KEY WEST.

An impressive Bar.

Yes, Sandra, I did enjoy a MARGARITA for "us". Actually, it was a gift from a Gentleman and his Wife sitting next to me in a bar.

THE WIFE !! Please say HELLO to Diana. Thank you both for the Margarita.

The Flag of Florida.

Tried to get a shot while the wind whipped it back and forth. Finally, a vendor nearby walked over and held it out straight for the photograph.

The Mel Fisher Treasure Museum of the Spanish Galleon which sunk nearby.

Did not want to leave SAM alone on the street; so, I did not go in.

Cannon from the Spanish Ship guard the Museum entrance.

Please say HELLO to Wendy. She was sitting next to Diana as we all enjoyed Margaritas.

Wendy is a Physical Therapist... and the first person who knew what the Lymphatic System was, how it worked, and why it is so very important to each of us.

Wendy asked for the photograph...I was so tongue tied, I could not get the words out to ask first.
In another blog, I will again mention the Lymphatic System. If you do not know in detail about this essential system, it would be well worth a few moments to do a bit of research.

A close-up photograph of the most common bird on my walk: The Dove.

Cannot pass by such beautiful flowers.

SPIA is settled in her spot at the VFW. The Sun has been swallowed up by the Ocean and it is VERY dark.

In the morning, we must say goodbye to KEY WEST...perhaps for the last time and head to FORT LAUDERDALE where Claudia will be waiting for us.

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