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Friday, July 22, 2011



Yes, we really are at the end of our journey. We arrived early this morning, having driven 100 miles from the State Park we stayed at last night.

MANY "Good" things have happened to SAM & ME today in KEY WEST.. I am very tired if not a bit achy. Please enjoy these early photographs. I will complete this narrative sometime during the night.

We will overnight AT THE KEY WEST YACHT CLUB. We will also overnight tomorrow night in KEY WEST...but more about that later tonight.

nite nite

Always wondered what the back of my "safety" vest looked like to approaching motorists.

Entering KEY WEST, parked at PUBLIX Supermarket,asked for and received permission to leave SPIA parked while SAM & ME walked the final three miles into town.

Please say HELLO to Paul.

Paul is the Manager of KEY WEST YACHT CLUB. We stopped in to say Hi, as I am a member of Squalicum Yacht Club in BELLINGHAM...which supports "reciprocity" with other Yacht Clubs.

Paul and his staff have been wonderful with my visit, including asking SPIA to spend the night.

Paul seemed to enjoy driving SAM around his parking lot.

Later in the morning, We stopped at the KEY WEST VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars).

Please say HELLO to Tim, manager of KEY WEST VFW.

I asked permission to join their VFW, as I am a veteran of the Korean War. During my walk,I have visited a number of VFWs, staying overnight in two of their parking lots.

Tim seemed pleased, and helped me complete the application and made arrangements with his friend, George, Director of KEY WEST Veterans Administration.

We may stay overnight tomorrow at the VFW parking lot, allowing another day to enjoy KEY WEST.

SAM looking at some Mangrove Trees along the Ocean Front walkway entering KEY WEST.

When looking at shorelines in this part of the World, plants seemingly growing in the water along the banks of land...well, they are doing just that - growing in the water, supported on long slender roots.

Please say HELLO to Chester, who hunted me down in KEY WEST.

Chester is a long-distance Runner and Walker, specializing in Marathons. Associated with organizations in SEATTLE, we have much in common.

Jack stopped his car in that thing Solar Powered?

Please say HELLO to Jack. Jack and I met 3 or 4 times during my walk in KEY WEST. He has arranged an interview with the local Newspaper, The Citizen. During our many chats, Jack slipped me $10 for mad money.

Thank you, Jack. I will spend it wisely.

Residential street of KEY WEST, FLORIDA.

Locals make good use of electric vehicles - and small motor scooters. One can rent both in many places around town. Most offer "pick up" service.

A reminder of the 1930s and the famous resident, Earnest Hemingway.

Interesting image of the water around that oar, don't you think.

KEY WEST Waterfront / Harbor.

A boat to fit most dreamer requirements.

My friend, Paul G. will recognise this yacht.

KEY WEST Harbor is extensive, lined with Marinas and meeting places for folks looking for a Sip or a Bite or just to listen on some of the local music floating over the cobble streets.

Water activity for every taste can be found along KEY WEST shoreline.

Jet Ski Rentals vie for clients. A true seafarer paradise.

Local talent accompanies lunch, dinner, or an evening out...

So this is where THAT came from...just around the corner from where Mr. Hemingway lived.

Ornate buildings share the same blocks with shanty hideaways.

Harbor side Shopping is every where ... something for every one.
Walking - in the harbor area - is popular. Shop keepers are quiet and welcoming visitors.

The place from which came famous words.

A Map of KEY WEST, looking North.

Our first day in KEY WEST, FLORIDA, was full of new friends...and old sights, as I have two times before, visited this delightful paradise. We will spend two nights in KEY WEST, hoping to Walk & Roll with SAM & ME through all parts of town...if not on every street.

It will be with some emotion that we will leave KEY WEST...not unusual when leaving any place we have walked... to see each place, perhaps, for the last time. Will try to take along a visual to be recalled anywhere - anytime, as new - and familiar places are discovered as we continue our walk over our wonderful World.

UPDATE: Walked 7,000 miles - plus / minus - from the Peace Arch near Vancouver, Canada (actually from BLAINE, WASHINGTON) to KEY WEST (actually to FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA) in 6 months, 10 days - including 2 days rest along the way.

The Journey is my favorite part. Arriving is nice too...

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