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Friday, February 10, 2012


Friday evening with a light rain and thankfully no wind. Looks to be a pleasant night in Rodanthe.

After helping with the Food Pantry (Friday), was driven by Tim to Kitty Hawk for my cataract eye surgery. All went well - even though my blood pressure was 189 / 155...they nearly refused to proceed, but since I did not take my heart medication this morning, they pumped me up via intravenous and proceeded with the procedure.

All seems to have ended least I woke up still alive and, alls well that ends well.

Tim, Barbara and I stopped - again - at Applebees Restaurant for din din on the way home.

In the morning, must drive once again to Nags Head - using SPIA - to have a look-see by the Surgeon and receive my new eyeglasses prescription.,,which I plan to order from Wall*Mart.

Tim took the opportunity - while waiting for me - to visit Home Depot where he purchased carpet for three rooms, a couple more door/frames, and miscellaneous. We will have plenty of stuff to work on the next couple weeks.

Thank you all, for the good wishes...kept your images looking on as I went under the knife.

A special Hello to Peggy in Astoria, Oregon...miss you ! Would love to chat if your furry friends permit a free moment or two...HI, to your Mom.

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Peggy & Dave Stevens said...

Hi Bruce. Glad all went well. The critters are doing great. Just out in the pastures eatin' grass and growing fiber. Mom turned 91 at the end of December . . . she's doing great . . . just a little trouble walking every now and again due to arthritis in her feet. I'd love to chat when you have a chance. It sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy in North Carolina.