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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today, on February 29, 2012, Leap Year, I have made a decision which will put me back on the road.

Tomorrow morning, I will depart - with SPIA - the Outer Banks.

We will drive to Columbia, North Carolina to stay the night in the home of Craig and Karen.

Friday morning, I will re-convene my walk to circumnavigate America.

Initial destination is De Kalb, Illinois - 990 miles from Rodanthe, Outer Banks, where I will spend some time with my Sister, Carol, who is under 100% care in a nursing home.

From De Kalb, I will walk North to US Highway 2 which follows the United States / Canada border, arriving in the town of Mt. Vernon, Washington, thence the final 40 miles through Bellingham (my home) to the Peace Arch.

The Peace Arch was my starting point on January 12, 2011, from which I will have walked to the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, crossing the southern deserts and bayous of America and on to Key West...thence North to the Outer Banks.

It is with considerable consternation and bit of guilt that I have decided to leave the Outer Banks at this particular moment.

I am involved with a number of projects - all designed to help others recover from the losses to Hurricane Irene (September 2011). I will be leaving these efforts the possible detriment of my new friends.

To complete my mission, I must walk at this moment. My entire saga has been financed entirely from my Social Security - with three major donations totaling $900.00 -. To delay further will result in declining $$ availability to complete my circumnavigation at a later date.

My ETA at the Peace Arch is still August 15, 2012.

At that time, options are open. I will discuss those options at the appropriate time.

Leaving the Outer Banks...if even for a difficult. For me, parting from friends is not easy. I take with me a bit of a number of friends and leave behind a major chunk of myself.

This will be the first of again-daily-blogs.

I will try to be up to the task of creating show 'n tell of some interest.

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