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Friday, February 3, 2012


Another weather front moved onto the Outer Banks last night bringing rain and cold.

Assisted at the Food Pantry until early afternoon. A large contingent of canned goods arrived while I was away in Columbia last week, filling the shelves. Already, nearly all of it is gone because of an unusually large number of hungry folks stopping in.

This morning, many boxes of fresh meats arrived for Friday patrons. A new addition is the delivery by the bread distributor truck, leaving ten trays of bread items.

Pastor Steve tells me that business is slow at the moment because it is "off-season". During high season, the truck apparently picks up food every day - now pickup is Friday, Sunday and Wednesday.

After closing (Food Pantry), drove to the home of Melinda and A.J., where I painted until too dark to see. I was invited to share dinner before driving back to HAPPY CLAM for the night.

It was bitter cold (wind chill out of the North). I kept adding more warm sweaters and thermal gloves (under my rubber painting gloves), and still became quite chilled. SPIA's propane furnace has warmed to 70 F., but I am still shivering. Going to climb into the feathers to warm up.

Tomorrow, a final gallon of paint is to be delivered (ran out of paint today) at 9:00 am. Should be able to complete the second coat (Melinda applied a second coat on more than 50% of the railings while I was in Columbia last week).

Melinda and A.J. have invited me to watch the Super Bowl on their big screen Sunday evening.. Look forward to that.

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