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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Finished painting the hand railings for Melinda and A.J. A particularly unpleasant job because of the height and bending (became a contortionist to reach many places). May still have to return to do some touch up.

Food Pantry is progressing well on Sunday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Each day has been filled working with Tim on his new home. Painting, except for final trim, is complete. This week helped Tim install hardwood floors, install doorway jambs and actual hanging of doors.

Am learning much from Tim, who is a perfectionist...who spends 10 percent of his time trying to find where he left this tool or that rule. Have organized all his tools, putting all like items in one spot, and keeping the floors clear of litter and construction debris.

Am putting on weight again. Barbara is an excellent chef, insisting I try this...have more of, take this home for a late night snack.

After Food Pantry tomorrow morning, Pastor Steve is driving me to the Kitty Hawk Eye Outpatient Clinic, where my left eye cataract will be operated on. Will be nice to see clearly again.

Outer Bank constant 20 - 24 mph winds keep the wind chill near freezing day and night. SPIA is toasty with the propane furnace heating up the inside to 70 F. in less than five minutes. Use the furnace only to take the chill off so I keep nice and warm...if it gets too cold, climbing into the feathers is a great solution.

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

So glad you've found such a nice place to winter! I know the folks there must be thrilled to have your help! Good luck with your eye surgery tomorrow!