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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since November, 2011, SPIA and I have been guests in three villages - Rodanthe - Waves - Salvo - on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Dominating the skyline is the water tower of the historic site - CHICAMACOMICO - seen above with the setting sun on this date, February 22, 2012.

I took this photograph as I drove from the new home of Tim and Barbara back to HAPPY CLAM.

Tim and Barbara's new home has been six years in the making.

Please say HELLO to Todd, a long-time family friend down from his home in Virginia to complete installing the trim.

Please say HELLO to (Mr.) Tim, proud father / grandfather of their local brood, most of whom show up for 5:00 pm dinner always prepared from scratch by Barbara.

Tim is following Todd's work, filling nail holes with putty, in preparation of my finish painting.

Yes, I helped Tim lay the hardwood floor in the foreground - as well as doing much of the prime and finish painting of their home - except for the ceiling.

The back entrance and hallway leading to the kitchen / dining room in the distance.

Elegant "decorator" stairs now replace the steps shown above.

Kitchen area...the last room to be completed.

Dining / Living Room opposite the open-area kitchen.

72 hours ago, Pastor Steve and wife, Betty, decided to salvage their home shown above destroyed by the September 2011 Hurricane Irene.

Water level was about 4.5 feet above the ground, effectively destroying everything below that level.

I joined the work party today. In the past 72 hours, all walls have been torn out, together with insulation, flooring, fixtures, cabinets, etc. etc.

Insulation is REQUIRED to be removed after being flooded due to rampant growth of BLACK MOLD, which can be quite harmful if inhaled (breathed in).

The entry porch of P. Steve's home in process of being totally rebuilt.

Kitchen area, devoid of all items up to flood level. Already, cleanup has been nearly complete, with new insulation already installed.

Master Bedroom has also been stripped, with new insulation installed, ready for closing in the walls and installing the new floor.

The second bedroom ready for putting back together.

Living / Dining Rooms, already receiving new walls and sub-flooring for laying tile.

My initial job today was to clean the above floor of all nails and staples prior to installing the sub-flooring for the tile. Approximately 2,000 screws are being used to install the sub-flooring...many of which I have this afternoon screwed into the sheets shown above.

All four families of Pastor Steve lost their homes to Hurricane Irene...and all without insurance.

Help has come from all directions of the Outer Banks. P. Steve & Betty are recovering their severely damaged home. The families of their three daughters, Melinda, Mandy, and Melanie, have found temporary housing, with more long term residences in the works.

It has been my pleasure to volunteer in numerous ways to do my part to help.

FEMA was initially a major player on the Outer Banks after Hurricane Irene. I was not here at that time. I do not feel qualified to comment and am reluctant to repeat here say floating on the steady onshore winds.

Since the Outer Banks are 20 or so miles off shore, ALL winds, regardless of direction are ON SHORE winds out here.

Today, I have made decisions regarding timing for my walk back to the Peach Arch. Being a bit premature, will share my decisions when various options have been worked out.

Needless to say, I am...and expect to continue to be...quite busy on a number of projects while out here on the Outer Banks.

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