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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Good news from my Eye Doctor..."Beautiful", says he on my second and final post-op checkup...see you in one year.

He did give me a prescription for new eye glasses, saying most of his patients never wear glasses again after cataract replacements.

Each day my vision gets more clear - has been a bit fuzzy at times -. Night vision is nearly perfect without glasses.

Been working every day doing finish painting on Tim's new home. His friend, Tod, has come on board installing trim around windows, doors, and base boards. Only 5 rooms to go to complete the "new" portion of Tim's home...then will assist in remodeling the original 4 rooms.

In the interim, two more folks have asked me to help them with their homes.

Considering restarting my walk soon. Tonight, however, snow is forecast for Southeastern Virginia - about 120 miles from the Outer Banks -, so the weather is still unsettled. Outer Banks are forecast to receive high winds and heavy rains from a "Southeaster" moving in tonight and tomorrow.

In the interim, I have plenty of work to do...Food Pantry in the morning and painting following.

During a heavy downpour two nights ago SPIA's roof started leaking again. Yesterday, it was cold but dry, so I climbed up on top and sealed ALL seams and fasteners with thick adhesive aluminum tape. For good measure, resealed some previous areas which showed torsion tears in the aluminum tape.

Poor SPIA is taking a beating. I'm trying to take good care of her, but she is simply old, worn out, and falling apart. Still, she is "home", and I am grateful to have her.

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