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Monday, March 5, 2012

POST 560: 03/05/12: WINDSOR - RICH SQUARE, N.C.

Sunrise on Monday morning walking Hwy 308 north of Windsor, North Carolina.

Was feeling good this morning...maintained 4 miles per hour all day.

Had NO intention to walk more than 20 miles...only our second day of walking with muscles and tendons really out of condition.

Road sign gives 29 miles to Rich Square (small town on Hwy 308).

SPIA and I are parked for the night in Rich Square. Have walked 28 miles today in three sections: 12 miles; 10 miles; 6 miles.

Started walking at 6:15 am - before the sun came up - and had to stop at 3:00 pm...could not take another step. All day, stress / pain moved up and down both legs, ending with thigh pain in both legs...simply could not go any further.

VERY stupid. I want to take two weeks to condition my legs and, I have thrown caution to the wind and may well have to pay for it. We still have about 2,800 miles to reach the Peace Arch.

Pre-sunrise highlighting the distant trees...a most beautiful morning.

Dark all around us...the sun found a hole in the dense cloud cover, finding this group of Silos.

Hwy 308 Church.

Please say HELLO to David. David pass me earlier and was waiting for my so as to chat as I walked into the village of Lewiston where Highway 42 crosses.

Many new modern homes line Hwy 308...the towns also have much older buildings, some dating back over 200 years.

This type sign are found all over the South, honoring previous historic residents.

Wind blew, first from the South West, then moving out of the North West, bringing intermittent rain....the type rain we in the North West call "liquid sunshine"...a bit more than drizzle, but not requiring a coat.

Temperature at noon was 49 F., with about a 25 mile per hour wind...was quite cold when the wind blew. For a few moments, snowflakes floated down, instantly melting on the roadway.

Please say HELLO to Bailey Parker of Kelford/Rexobel, North Carolina.

After chatting for a bit, Bailey allowed SPIA to park at his business in Kelford, as I walked on to Rexobel and beyond.

It was when returning to Rexobel that my legs about gave out.

Rexobel, North Carolina.

Decided to leave my bed inside SPIA made up instead of folding all the blankets as I did previously. I was very glad I did today. At 3:00 pm, reaching Rich Square, North Carolina, I parked SPIA for the night and slipped into the feathers, waking at 6:00 pm.

It is now 7:02 pm, very dark with thick clouds overhead. Had a good beef stew dinner with a glass of red wine.

Am now going back to sleep - after taking a NAPROXIN for my muscle soreness.

Will try it all over again in the morning.

Looking to complete our walk to the Peace Arch in about 130 days (mid July).

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