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Friday, March 16, 2012


Please say HELLO to Carol.

Up and away well before Sun-up, stopped in at a gas station...and to ask directions to find US 60 West out of the town of Covington, VA.

Carol was waiting for the cashier and volunteered to drive ahead of me to US 60.

As with much of Virginia, road signs are few and far between...nearly none in Covington directing one to US 60 West.

Thank you again, Carol.

A map with the blog seems to be a, here is another one.

First, Click click the image to enlarge it to legible size.

Following the orange penned-in line, find "Covington" in center right. This is today's starting point. Follow the orange line to the left to the village of Lewisburg, W.V. about in the center of the image on US 60. That is our ending point for the day.

We followed US 60, except when it was included as part of I-64 - we cannot walk the Interstate.
This happened from mile post "7" (Virginia) to mile post "181" (West Virginia), which was over the very high mountain pass...where no walking road existed.

Again, I goofed in laying out my images for the blog. The above Plaque is properly positioned with "Humpback Bridge" a few images below...sorry...will try to be more careful.

Be sure to Click click such images to enlarge them for easier reading.

US 60 about 3 miles West of Covington, VA.

Interesting Sunrise lighting in the distance.

Homes in the previous image.

Several long steep hills were included this morning on US 60.

The scenery is spectacular...even enjoyed a few sprinkles from the heavens this morning.

Walked past this Boys' Home...twice...walking out and back to SPIA.

Typical of the forests in the East...very little "underbrush" can see for long distances between the tall trees without lower-down obstructions. Must be great for deer hunters.

Seems to be at least one homestead struggling for existence as we walk each day.

These are glass - and porcelain - insulators for electric power lines on telephone poles.

As an aside, in the 1960s, I collected hundreds of such insulators while living near Seattle. Many of my insulators were nearly 100 years old...the ones in the South must be much older than that, and could be worth considerable $$ to collectors.

I loaned my collection to Brother Jim, who has since passed away...leaving no clue as to what happened to my insulators...and so it goes.

Many previous blogs included images such as the one above...geological evidence of sediment layering over millions of years.

The horizontal lines are the remains of different mineral sediments layered down on the Earth's surface - above and below water surfaces -. Each line probably took hundreds - if not thousands of years to create the sediment lines we see.

A couple ways the layers could have been created:

Sea shells from dead sea creatures - while the area is covered with water; or,

Volcanic ash deposited during eruptions eons ago: or,

Decayed bodies of once living plants and animals compressed into coal or oil over the ages;


A "coal seam" or "gold seam", or any similar material layer will look something like the above...often times found many hundreds of feet down in deep mines.

US 60 eventually combined with I-64.

The above sign located on I-64 on-ramp clearly said "NO WALKERS".

So, continued on Highway 159 (please refer to the map) for another few miles toward the village of Callighan, VA - which I did not reach, as I turned back to SPIA.

Roadside sign identifies this stream as Dunlop Creek. In most of the USA, this would be called a good size river.

Dunlop Creek is actually a part of the Jackson River, which at Iron Gate, VA, becomes the James River...which eventually flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

The above bridge is "Humpback Bridge" now, please go back to the top and read the plaque about the history of "Humpback Bridge", which I found to be fascinating.

Hand built in 1835; in continuous use until 1929, and still, in 2012, like new.

Without a doubt, the most impressive Covered Bridge I have discovered first hand or in publications anywhere in the USA.

Since there was no road to walk over the Summit of the Allegheny Mountains into West Virginia, drove SPIA on I-64 the final 6 or so miles over that very steep mountain pass, arriving in the historic village of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Parked SPIA in the local Food Lion parking lot, and walked an additional 4 hours West on US 60.

US 60 is available for walking all the way to Charleston, West Virginia, about 100 miles to the West...should be in Charleston about Wednesday, where we pick up US 35 into Ohio.

This entrance leads to a palatial hotel and casino...closely controlled by guards at the entrance.

It is about 2 miles from downtown White Sulphur Springs on US 60.

The Hotel / kinda place !

Continued walking through and beyond Greenbrier Valley.

The famous Golf Course(s) are located in this valley...

US 60 along Greenbrier Valley.

The golf courses are fully enclosed by high fences...and NO PARKING signs along the entire length of the highway...I suppose to keep nosy folks from peeking at the golfers...

This dammed-up stream creates water hazards as it flows through the golf courses.

Near the Western end of the valley, I walked up a high "berm" of dirt forming a soil-fence...and look at the view I got...

then again, no place for cars to stop. Guess they didn't consider walking "peeping toms".

US 60 leading into the hills beyond Greenbrier Valley.

Golf course has residences behind that high fence.

Downtown White Sulphur Spring, W.V.

...with a very nice street side clock.

Was famished, so stopped in for a plate of baked spaghetti.

Was reminded that tomorrow is St. Patties Day.

Finally walking back to SPIA waiting in the lot of the Food Lion, we drove the few miles to the town of Lewisburg, West Virginia...on US 60 near I-64 mile post 169...pls. refer to the map.

Pulled into the parking lot of the local Court House, parking next to the above Sheriff Cruiser.

Walked into the Police Office, introduced myself, chatted with the 6 officers (one lady officer) for a few minutes, and received permission to leave SPIA overnight right where she was parked.

Took the next two hours to roam about historic Lewisburg.

The Court House...behind which SPIA is parked for the night.

Masonic Temple Building.

Many elegant historic buildings in Lewisburg.

Stopped in at the local West Virginia University promotional shop.

Chatted with a real sweetie of a lady...and her two young daughters...about West Virginia sports, especially last night's March-Madness Basketball loss to the Bulldogs of Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington.

1897 vintage building in Lewisburg.

High fashion Boutique window display.

As an aside: When I met Christianne, my precious Swiss wife who has now passed on, she (Cri) was working in Zurich, Switzerland as a Window Designer for an exclusive shop on Bonhofstrasse (Railroad Street).

Of such images, memories are made...

City Hall...building totally out of character with the rest of Lewisburg.

More like it...

This 1894 vintage barber shop has all original fixtures.

US 60 - main street of Lewisburg, West Virginia.

City Planners with a touch of creativity....nice job !

Just happen to be the fighting colors of the University of West Virginia.

Who can argue with that !

I went inside, took a stool at the bar, and nursed my Miner's Daughter...a smooth, VERY dry, local Ale.

...offered in the Irish Pub.

Enjoyed every sip !

For those with an itch to move about, here are some currently available up-scale Lewisburg homes.

Click click to enlarge.

A local near-down-town home.

A 1770 original.

...including two out buildings when viewed from the back.

This building, folks, was standing there from before our Revolutionary War !

Fort Union was across the street from the previous 1770 building.

Fort Union site as it is on March 16, 2012.

Click click to read the inscriptions on (and below) this Bell on display at old Fort Union.

Ancient steps made from old - very old - railroad ties.

Would bet they were already in place before the Civil War.

I climbed up these stairs...and found:

Vandalism...completely uncalled for...and left in place only 100 feet from the Police Station.

Panoramic view of downtown Lewisburg from the site of old Fort Union.

One city block in the other direction, stands this imposing old home...

SPIA is parked directly opposite (to the left) this home.

Tomorrow morning, SPIA stays parked as I walk West on US 60.

Don't know the topography (hills, etc), but could walk beyond the spot where I-64 leaves US 60.

We shall see.

Hope you enjoyed your day...I did mine

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, When you say "Don't know the topography..."
I'm surprized that you don't look at the many On Line Free Topo maps that are available. Google " free topogaphic". You could get a good idea of what's ahead of you. Also, Have you a GPS for your computer? It would be a good addition for planning and Logging your trip.