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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Is now 3:30 am (middle of the night).

Have finally completed image downloading - took 5.5 hours just to arrange/upload images - and have depleted Mini HP Computer batteries to 20%. One image consumes 5 minutes and 5% of battery charge to process.

Must wait until later today to charge up the Mini Battery so the narrative portion of this blog update can be completed.

Now for another 3 hours of sleep before continuing our walk across the "Mogul hills" of West Virginia.

Nite nite.

Apology: Have been uploading images for over 4 hours with another 20 or so to go. Takes over 5 minutes to upload one photograph. Started with 110 images, all taken today.

Am stealing electricity from SPIA's primary motor battery as my Mini HP battery has long since given up the ghost - and have been unable to find a replacement. Must shut it down to conserve engine starting battery.

Today, walked from SAM BLACK CHURCH to about 15 miles beyond - to the West - the town of Rainelle, W.V.; included in my walk today have climbing up and over two about 3 miles, but steep...the other, Mount SEWELL, an 8% hill of switchbacks - over 3 miles to the summit and another mile down the back side...also 8% steep.

I am OK. No injuries. I am dreadfully tired and angry to take so long to get my blog on line.

It is now about 9:00 pm. I must quit and climb into the feathers.

Will try to complete image update and "show and tell" in the morning.

Nite nite.

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