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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Crossing the Ohio River from West Virginia to the town of Gallipolis, Ohio, was done before daylight...trying to get an early start.

It was raining rather hard when SPIA parked and walking began.

The short of it is that we walked from Gallipolis to the town of Vinton, Ohio, where we stayed the night of March 24, 2012.

Above photo was taken in the dark - without flash - as we began our walk out of Gallipolis.

Underground Railroad Church - during and before the Civil War.

Please click click to enlarge ... very interesting bit of history.

During World War II, a similar "Underground" existed throughout Europe...used by US Airmen shot down over Occupied (by Germany) Europe.

As happened with the runaway blacks of the Civil War, many US Airmen found their freedom from the tireless - and sometimes deadly - efforts of the Underground.

France played a MAJOR part in the American Revolutionary War.

Gallipolis was settled primarily by French immigrants.

A headstone I selected from the sleeping residents.

Highway leading our of Gallipolis, Ohio.

ADULT DAYCARE CENTER....we maybe could use more of these !

"A" frame homes are popular all over America...especially so in mountainous areas.

Falling snow slides easily from the sloping roof of the "A".

Please say HELLO to Felicity.

Promising to follow my walk, Felicity prepared for me a tasty fried egg/bacon/cheese/on toasted rye during my morning walk...I was wet, cold, tired, and hungry.

Thank you Felicity.

Street of Gallipolis.

No, not out of place...this was during my return walk to Gallipolis to retrieve SPIA.

Drove SPIA to the town of Vinton, Ohio, where we parked - for the night.

Since I had not walked all the way to Vinton on my morning leg, I walked for two hours BACK toward Gallipolis to cover all the ground missed.

Route 160 was an old road...probably not much changed from the Civil War...repeated hill, twists and turns...

with numerous small farms along the way.

Ohio roadways have a number of plaques following the track of Morgan's Raiders.

Please click click to enlarge.

In early afternoon, I again set off on foot - our third leg of the day - north on Highway 160 toward the village of Wilkesville. About half way to Wilkesville, turned back to Vinton to spend the night.

Re-entering Vinton, a one-crop Saturday Farmer's Market was in progress in the parking lot of Pauline McCoy's meeting place.

I asked a vendor what was going on...we're buying "RAMP" I was told.

Not knowing what was Ramp, I walked over to the farmers unloading clothes baskets of onion-looking plants.

...and those are what, I asked SAM. These are Ramps, Sam explained, holding up a handful of onions.

They look like onions to me...are they for seed (meaning to be planted as seed crop)?

No, they are used for cooking, spices, canning, or just eating raw. I'm receiving $5.00 a pound...about 50 pounds I dug this morning = $250.00 for my morning work.

You grow these Ramps?

No, found 'em out in the Hollow. Came across a big bunch...had to cut the out using my spade...shook the dirt off...then took 'em home to wash each one to be ready for sale.

They sure look like onions...oh, well, says Sam...some folks calls 'em Leeks.

Folks buying my Ramps are repacking 'em in 5 pound plastic bags, rushing them to the airport and shipping 'em out to California...somebody along the line is making lots of money.

Sam continues: they only grow in the spring on cold nights and you have to know where to look...then takes lots of work to dig 'em out, clean 'em up, and bring 'em over to Pauline's.

Spade: a short handled shovel...about 12 inches long by 6 inches wide blade. The working end of the blade is NOT is absolutely flat and sharpened for digging.

Entrance to Pauline's...where, on this, and every Friday and Saturday night...local folks congregate for friendship visits, a bite from Pauline's kitchen, and to watch and listed to old-time country music.

...In addition to serving as Ramp selling/buying.

Pauline advertises her business, which she started from scratch 7 years ago, as "The Real McCoy"

Please say HELLO to Pauline Mc Coy.

Pauline invited me inside to eat, drink, listed to old-time country music, and take all the photographs I wanted.

Saturday night crowd.

Steel Guitar.

Saturday night Old Country Music performers. I came in a bit late and missed earlier performers.

* * * The above has been added to yesterday's effort to create our blog. Am at the moment - 6:00 pm, Sunday, March 25, 2012, in the town of Mc Arthur, Ohio...Sunday blog coming up in a bit* * *

We are parked overnight in the village of Vinton, Ohio, having walked from Gallipolis during the day.

VERIZON signal has NO BARS here. Images loading taking 5 - 6 minutes. Will try again during the night.

Very hilly - 300 to 400 foot high - and awful roads to negotiate.

This is real back country.

Saturday night Auction.

Everything, including the kitchen sink...NO photographs allowed...I am cautioned, suggesting I might leave...I left.

Would have liked to stay for the Auction, but ... !

Most folks, however, were just super and I have no reason to feel concern.

In the morning, will drive SPIA north on Highway 160...find a place to park, and continue walking north.

I expect there will be NO VERIZON signals for a few days...but will try.


Trayne1837 said...

A friend sent me your blog..Gallipolis is a sleepy little town that hasn't done too much advancing lately... Vinton was once a very active town.. Rt #160 is definitely an old road.. and very twisty and curvy.. but pleasant to drive on a Sunday sunny afternoon. People of the area are mostly friendly.. you find a few with a burr up their tailpipe .
Ramps... google it sometime.. they may look like onions, but they are very pungent and strong .. some say they have medicinal properties.
Have a great walk... Will try and follow you from now on

dale said...

I enjoyed your photos very much, I live in North Carolina but my family is from that area I was born in Gallipolis i Have not been in that area in a lot of years thanks for sharing

Ethel said...

Came on your site looking for history and enjoyed reading your blog. We know Pauline and Lachey McCoy very well as he and my husband worked together. I really enjoyed this site.