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Thursday, March 22, 2012

POST 577: 03/22/12: US 60 & 35: ST. ALB ANS, W.V.:

Last evening sundown show along the Kanawha River.

Before we get on with today's walk / blog, I wish to acknowledge the assistance yesterday of Dale Hupp of RV Center of St. Albans, W.V. ( for his kind assistance and guidance.

Also, I wish to pass along the results of an electrical analysis run on SPIA's primary electrical system relating to my "stealing" electricity from SPIA's primary motor battery to power up our Mini Computer, telephone, camera, and Kindle.

Power drain has been insignificant. No damage has / is being done to the battery, alternator, or voltage regulator by the theft of the battery power. There remains, however, the possibility of future degradation of the Voltage Regulator if the battery is drawn down to - say 50% -, requiring the alternator to put out great quantities of far, so good !

I have been somewhat concerned, as for nearly one year, I have been taking 12 VDC energy out of SPIA's cigarette lighter connector into my AC Inverter, changing back to 12VDC to run our toys.

City Park Playground in twilight last night.

Rushing to get in a few more "slides" before dark.

Nice to see normal-peoples' signs.

The Sun is getting a bit lower in the West.

Kanawha River Bridge at Sunset.


Tomorow morning (today) is here.

Ole' Sol is favorite moment of the day.

I have taken hundreds of such photographs from all around the world...

One day, I will put together a "Sunrises I Have Seen".

The St. Albans Port Marina Park is maintained fully by contributions.

Please say HELLO to the Park Manager...again embarrassed to have forgotten his name.

US 60, passing through downtown St. Albans, W.V.

Sunrise reaching out to a local private marina.

A unique private home.

I call this photograph:


Yes, trains do whiz past a couple feet away.

Highway 817 (old Highway 35) as it leaves St. Albans, W.V.

Please say HELLO to: Danielle (l.), Truda, Becky, and Joyce.

These ladies, together with some dozen of their colleagues, shared an hour or so listening to me chat away about my walk...and about the services they give to the Aging of Putnam County.

Danielle is a Registered Nurse.
Truda, is the Receptionist.
Becky is "Home Care" Supervisor.
Joyce Arthur is Executive Director.

Their Company Program does so much for so many...with a staff of some 200 paid employees, they provide help to low-income (Medicaid) Seniors.

Having already walked past the Putnam Aging building, I did an about face and popped in to see what this was all about.

Ended up that Joyce, Executive Director, invited me to accompany her to the Hurricane Senior Center - which was about to have lunch -.

Hurricane, W.V. Senior Center - a few minutes ago, it was crowded with seniors enjoying an excellent Spaghetti Lunch.

After saying a few words re my walk, I was invited to join.

Thank you ever so was excellent...and I devoured every savory bite !

Please say HELLO to Sally Halstead, Family Caregiver Program Coordinator; and,

again HELLO to Joyce Arthur (my hostess) , Executive Director of Putnam Aging Program.

Putnam Aging Program may be contacted by e-mail @:

Before the meal, invocation was given by Mr. Herman Hayes.

During lunch, Mr. Hayes presented me with the above pictured hand-carved sculpture in recognition of my walk.

Later, I have discovered that Mr. Hayes has several hand-carved sculptures on display in the Smithsonian and seasonally presents a unique carving to the sitting President Of The United States, which is hung on the White House Christmas Tree.

Thank you, Mr. Hayes for your treasured gift.

I left SPIA well before daylight this morning, returning only at 3:00 pm this afternoon.

Taking welcome time out visiting with Joyce and her staff, I walked only 5 hours out and back.

SPIA's parking spot in the Riverside City Park is so pleasant, I have decided to stay here a second night.

In the morning, will drive SPIA North on Hwy 817 / 35, where we will find a spot to park...then, I will continue my stroll toward the State of Ohio.

Studying my newly purchased road map of Ohio, I sadly discovered that my intended route on US 35 is now mostly "Controlled Access" - meaning: NO PEDESTRIANS (walkers).

So, I have outlined a new route through Ohio generally paralleling US 35.

Map photograph is pending.

I have earned an evening on the banks of the tranquil Kanawha River...together with a glass of cold Chardonnay - no, Sandra, it is not "our" bottle...that one is safe for my return to share together.

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