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Monday, June 4, 2012


Every walk I make, I make in two directions: Outbound & Return to SPIA.

It is interesting to recognize that seeing the same scene from two different perspectives, gives a most interesting result totally missed the first time walking by that scene.

Because of this, many photographs shared are out of sequence...kinda jumbled. Apologize for that, but it is the way the walk progresses. I could edit more closely, but I need my sleep - as I get up every morning at 3:30 am to prepare to leave SPIA at first light...or as I tell folks: I start walking when I can clearly see that snake I'm about to step on.

As it is, it requires three to four hours at my mini-computer to create each day's blog update...that after walking 8 - sometimes 12 hours a day...and I notice my pace is beginning to slow. I no longer walk at 4 miles per hour...but rather, am down to about 3.5 mph.

So, image sequencing will stay a bit jumbled.

Main street Troy, Montana.

The restaurant / bar with SPIA in her over-night parking spot...pic taken upon my return from the first walking leg of the day...16 miles toward the Idaho border and back. The border was 14 miles distant, but I was feeling good - even in the rain -, so I added a couple miles.

Looking back down the hill climbing West out of Troy, Montana...actually taken walking back into town after 4.5 hours of walking toward the Idaho border...and back.

Lots of fog round about this morning.

Kootenai River.

Later on, I wish to chat a bit about my discovery regarding the Kootenai River and ancient history of the Pacific discovery, not something I have read or heard.

Perfect center aisle walk to the wedding altar.

Please click click. The Moyie River is something astounding.

...even as it falls over the spillway of the town dam...creating a waterfall higher than Niagara Falls, New York.

Imagine...being allowed to live is such a setting.

This is the Kootenai River Valley as it passes East to West...and sometimes a bit North...through the center of the Rocky Mountains. The direction of the valley is critical to my discovery.

...REACHING for the Sky.

This bridge is something more than 400 feet above the next image...the Moyie River.

The Moyie River Bridge is under significant repair...major section of the concrete roadway is being removed and replaced - by a General Contractor from BELLINGHAM, Washington -, forcing one-lane crossing.

The Contractor stopped all traffic to allow me to walk - twice - across the bridge.

Without stopping my walk across the bridge, I held the camera over the side railing, snapping this image without seeing what the camera was aimed at...Providence holding my hand !

I did that because vehicles at both ends of the bridge were stopped, waiting for me to complete my crossing...they would not be pleased if I dilly dallied to sight-see along the way.

The Moyie River is over 400 feet below...perhaps I should take more shots with my eyes closed !

This young lady is a resident of Bellingham, Washington. I chatted with her for a bit between vehicle movements across the bridge. She was extremely pleased to find this job for the Summer.

Later on, speaking with locals, I was informed in no uncertain terms that local folks are not in the least pleased that a local contractor was not given the project...and that "extras", such as the lady pictured above, were not hired locally.

The local economy is, like the rest of the bad shape and deteriorating.

At the end of my 2nd leg walking, I partook in a double waffle cone. Offered that dummy bear a lick...he acted like I didn't exist.

Walking legs:

first leg: Troy to the Idaho border. 14 miles
second leg: Moyie River Bridge BACK to the Idaho border: 10 miles
third leg: Moyie River Bridge West on US 2 toward Bonners Ferry: 8 miles

From Moyie River Bridge, drove SPIA to and through Bonners Ferry - a large town with difficult traffic - to the next village, Naples, Idaho, where SPIA has found a wonderful parking spot behind the local General Store.

Naples, Idaho General Store.

The old Highway US 2 / US 95 passed within 50 feet of the camera. The new highway(s) pass 1/4 mile away, completely by-passing the town of Naples, occurrence found in all parts of America...leaving dozens upon dozens of previously vibrant progressive towns to die on the vine...


A unique feature of the Bonners Ferry area...and the Kootenai River Valley.

Ice Age Glaciers blocking rivers 10,000 years ago, forming massive fresh water lakes...such as covered Minnesota, North Dakota, and most of Montana.

A well known historic event of 10,000 years ago, was a MASSIVE flood of millions of cubic feet of water per second crossed over from MONTANA, across IDAHO, and inundating the entire Eastern half of the State of WASHINGTON.

I have learned this evening from Chad, owner of the Naples General Store, that the name of that Montana Lake was MISSOULA LAKE...which no longer exists.

It is my discovery that Missoula Lake, held in place by a gigantic Ice Dam - 10,000 years ago - was, in a single moment, released by the failure of the Ice Dam, flowing NORTH across the Flathead Valleys, entering the Kootenai River Valley, crashing across Idaho, and flowing out onto the high desert - now known as the "Columbia Basin" - of Eastern Washington.

The Columbia Basin was scoured clean...and remains so today, 10,000 years later.

A number of geological features have been left behind...I will not go into that here, but a search of Google or Wickipedia will turn up some exciting information about this event.

CAUTION: The above is "MY" conjecture based upon what I have discovered during my walk through Montana and Idaho the past few weeks. I may be totally in error...but, I don't think so.

The Granite promontory mentioned in the previous image.

In the morning, leaving SPIA at Chad's General Store, I will walk BACK on US 2 toward the city of Bonners Ferry, some 8 miles distant.

Returning to SPIA, I will continue walking South on US 2 toward the small village of Elmira, Idaho, some 5 miles distant.

I will then return to SPIA, which will be driven to the next town, Samuels, Idaho...park and walk, as we make our way South toward the large city of Spokane - where I once lived and worked.

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