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Friday, June 22, 2012


I made a huge mistake yesterday by alluding that I would sneak off to the Peace Arch before Sunday. I realized my error immediately, but already, a number of readers had already visited my blog.

An error, which can be fixed in only way...STAY AWAY FROM THE PEACE ARCH until the appointed time.

That is what I will do.

From Deming yesterday, I walked North on Highway 9, reaching the town of Everson, Washington, about 4 miles short of Lynden, Washington. I then drove SPIA to Everson.

Finding no appropriate place to park SPIA for the night in Everson, we drove to Lynden to the KOA Kampground, where we have taken Camping Spot # 54. We will stay at KOA until time to walk the final 10 miles to the Peace Arch on Sunday.

Since I scrubbed this old body spic and span in the KOA shower last evening, I celebrated by sleeping in this morning until 8:00 am.

About 9:00 am, set out toward the town of Everson, walking the miles driven last evening. On the way back to KOA, I walked the streets of the town of Lynden...the subject of most of today's pictures.

A beautiful Dogwood Tree in full bloom.

Lynden is unique from nearly ALL towns of America. Lynden has clearly shown it's desire to welcome and care for visitors by building on the main mid-town corner, the above modern Restrooms.

Took a breakfast of pancake, scrambled eggs, and bacon at Dutch Mother's Family Restaurant...a restaurant where I have eaten a number of time over the past 25 years. Today, however, the food was different...not as I ordered, and for me, quite inedible. The first time during my walk that I did not eat all given to me.

Dutch Mothers is still one of my favorites, and would not hesitate to return.

Main Street, Lynden, Washington.

Returning to KOA after my morning walk, decided to spend the rest of the day at needed chores. I stripped out SPIA's carpets and some shelves, cleaning and reorganizing. 3.5 months on the road created a jumble, floors not cleaned properly and could not find things.

Also gathered up dirty clothing from here and there, and put them through KOA Laundry. Also filled SPIA's water tanks and charged up her batteries from 120 Volt AC power.

Around 1:00 pm, it began to rain. It is now 3:00 pm and is raining with authority. Forecast is for this weather front to pass slowly, lingering through Sunday.

At least, SPIA is snug and dry. The THROUGH THE ROOF sealer I applied recently has done the trick...NO MORE RAIN LEAKS. Thank you again, H of PR.

Tomorrow, Squalicum Yacht Club is celebrating the Summer Solstice at Mike and Kris' home on the shores of Puget Sound (Salish Sea)...a tradition for many years. Since I am already arrived, I have asked if I may join the group. Yes, I look forward to renewing old boating friendships, together with more than a few new ones.

Tomorrow morning, I will walk part way toward Blaine, Washington for an hour or two to shorten the final walk on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for changing your mind!

Anonymous said...

I am still watching your walk dallas from wv