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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Apologize for not including photographs of Spokane, Washington. Spokane has a beautiful river flowing through a gorge smack in the center of down town...complete with a great civic park and a magnificent cascade - a spectacular waterfall...all within a short walk from city center.

Instead, we skirted around Spokane to a mall on US 2 a couple miles West of to Spokane International Airport. From WAL-MART parking lot in that mall, I walked West on US 2 for 5 hours - about 16 miles. Finally, no rain. The thick overcast made it quite cold, but by time I returned to SPIA, the overcast dissipated into fluffy clouds which stayed with us the entire day.

Returning to SPIA, I came upon an ARBY's. I stopped in for a quick egg sandwich, and ended up chatting with the"help" about walking.

Please say HELLO to Twanee.

Twanee was quite interested in my walk and the Lymphatic System I have associated with it.

From Airway Heights, Washington - WAL-MART mall is in Airway Heights - we drove 17 miles to the pleasant town of Reardan, Washington, where we parked at the Red Rooster while I walked another 5-hour leg toward the town of Davenport, Washington, only 13 miles distant.

SPIA, parked at the Red Rooster.

Please say HELLO to Louise.

Louise is Owner of the Red Rooster. Before driving on to Davenport, Louise cooked up a box of six of her delicious pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast.

US 2 as it passes through Reardan, Washington.

Reardan home.

The countryside on US 2 West of Reardan is rolling hills of wheat.

Most elaborate memorial.

Directly across US 2, a not-so-elaborate memorial for two more traffic deaths.

Please say HELLO to Trevor Martens.

Trevor, starting out from his home in Santa Rosa, California - a bit North of San Francisco - is cycling to Boston, Massachusetts and points South along the Atlantic Ocean...all by way of Seattle, Washington and Missoula, Montana.

Trevor's journey may be followed at:

Mountains and Evergreen Trees have been replaced by SAGEBRUSH, Sand, and Rattlesnakes.

SPIA and I drove from Reardan to Davenport, Washington, where we have been fortunate to be given a protected parking spot next to the Mexican Restaurant EL RANCHITO.

In the morning, I will walk again West on US 2, this time toward the town of Wilbur, Washington, 29 miles distant. At Wilbur, we leave US 2 in favor of Highway 174, which will take us to Grand Coulee Dam, an additional 19 miles distant.

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