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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


No Images Today.

Incessant rain has been falling for the past 36 hours. This morning, it was accompanied by a stiff Southwest Wind which is rocking SPIA.

SPIA roof rain leaks have increased significantly. I moved her to tip her sideways a bit to try to dump the water on the roof down the luck...just leaks in different - and more - places.

In spite of the challenges, I dressed for rain this morning and walked BACK North on US 2 for 2 hours. Upon returning, my shoes were FULL of water; my rain gear shredded on the inside, destroying the waterproof feature, and SPIA was leaking more profusely than earlier. In addition, my new "waterproof" gloves were NOT...and I was C O L D. We are still in the Rocky Mountains.

Being parked at the Big R, I went shopping again. Purchased:

1 pair waterproof boots: $200.00
New Rain Suit: 50.00
Pair Suspenders: 10.00
Waterproofing Spray: 10.00
Waterproof Gloves: 30.00

which has blown my budget for the next couple months.

For those uninformed, my entire walk is financed by my Social Security $$. There are no backup $$. I will, however, have sufficient $$ to complete my walk.

Have decided to sit right here in Ponderay (Sandpoint), Idaho until this rain backs down. There is simply too much water falling to walk out onto US 95 / US 2. Traffic has increased considerably since reaching Bonners Ferry. As we near Spokane, Washington...only 75 miles..., traffic, especially 18-wheeleres, have increased in number.

US 95 / US 2 are both two lane roadways with narrow berms. I doubt very much if drivers can even see me in the present storm, I will stay OFF the roadways for the moment.

When SPIA dries out, will climb back onto her roof and re-tape all seams and appendages.

A kind thought would be nice.

* * * * *


Is now 4:40 pm: Still raining hard, but some lifting of local ground fog reveals on the mountain adjacent to the WAL-MART Shopping Center, where SPIA is parked for the night...SNOW

Yes, Snow at about 200 feet above US 2 / US 95.

Have not walked more today. Taking the day to break in my new waterproof boots and to let the rain abate...which it is not doing.

Latest SPIA roof leak is now over the foot of my bunk...will cover the blanket with plastic to keep it dry - hopefully.

Rain is predicted for the rest of the week...Oh, my !


Anonymous said...

Many kind thoughts being sent your way! Being cold & wet is not fun. Hope the sun comes out soon.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, get yourself some Through the Roof sealant and paint it on. It's clear (not that you likely care about appearances at this stage) and can be applied while the surface is wet. I swear by the stuff, having used it on my roof seams, flashing and even my metal shed...basically anything that leaks. It adheres to any surface...galvanized metal, aluminum, PVC, acrylic, fiberglass, brick, cement, you name it, it'll seal it. It's not just for roofing. I purchased it at a DoItBest Hardware store but I'm sure it's readily available anywhere. Through The Roof, made by Sashco right here in the good old USA.

Hope this helps. Might be at the Peace Arch if you don't make that little detour.

H from PR