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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Rain, Rain, and more Rain.

The order for this week is rain...if I remain in the area of Sandpoint, Idaho. Hopefully, by this time next week, we will be well into the Columbia Basin, State of Washington.

At daybreak, let SPIA sleep in as I walked North on US 2 toward the city of Bonners Ferry for 8 miles.

Saying goodbye to the General Store in Naples.

Naples church needs a bit of TLC.

Union Pacific has ceased to exist many years ago...

Returning to SPIA, drove South on US 2 / US 95, to the "village" of Elmira, Idaho...a village with three buildings and a half dozen homes.

Elmira does, however, have one of the finest "Cafe" eateries to be found. I was served up the best breakfast of my entire walk.

From Elmira, walked BACK North on US 2 toward Naples for 6 miles.

Returning to Elmira, continued walking South on US 2 toward the city of Sandpoint, Idaho, for another 8 miles.

It rained hard all day. My modified rain outfit kept me dry...even shoes did not leak.

Please say HELLO to Leah.

Leah is the "Worker Bee", as she calls herself, doing all the jobs necessary to manage and fill every job in the Elmira Cafe. Leah is one fine Cook...the ONLY one to make scrambled eggs as they should be prepared.....delicious.

The Old Elmira School House...which is for sale.

Please click click this image...a history of the town of Elmira, which consists mostly of the Cafe.

Whats for Dessert !

After completing my third leg of the day, drove SPIA to the city of Sandpoint, Idaho, where we have been accepted to park overnight in the lot of the Big R Stores...across the street from WAL-MART.

The Big R is a "Box Store" with a small store feel. Needed a couple things, so I went shopping. Everywhere I turned, a sales person was on hand to escort me to the exact item I was looking for. Big R is Home Depot, WAL-MART and much more rolled into one.

I must walk 6 miles to reach Sandpoint (Ponderay). It was raining so hard, SPIA began leaking over my table, soaking many items; so, I put off walking those 6 miles until in the morning...instead, tried to salvage rain-soaked cupboard and a bin full of important stuff I keep at hand in a plastic wash pan.

It is supposed to rain heavy the next 48 hours.

Poor SPIA...she is so falling apart. I have taped all her seams and corners...and still, she finds places to leak. Soon as it dries, will make another go at taping her up again.

In the morning, after recovering the missing 6 miles, will walk South on US 95. Will not walk US 2 into Spokane, as it circles around Mount Spokane, a local ski center, taking in many more miles than the more direct US 95. Will pick up US 2 again heading West out of Spokane as we cross the Columbia Basin.

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Anonymous said...

Union Pacific Railroad still exists. They have those big yellow locomotives.
You may be thinking of the Great Northern Railroad.