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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Whatever happened to my "liquid sunshine"? Last night it rained and rained and rained. This morning was calm overcast and no wind...This afternoon, it rained rained and rained.

Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest. At least, there is no shortage of water up here.

SPIA in her spot in KOA Kampground.

At 6:00 am, I walked out of KOA, heading West. At 12:00 noon, I arrived back at SPIA, having walked for a full 6 hours toward Blaine - stopping well short of town - and back to Lynden where I spent at least 1.5 hours strolling around this beautiful town made up of over 50% Dutch from Holland.

KOA fishing lake.

KOA Mail Box.

Tremendous amount of private home building has happened in Lynden in recent years. A number of home starts were happening as I walked past today.

The Canada / USA Border is about 2 miles away, directly up the rows of Raspberries pictured above. Raspberries are only one of the many "berries" grown in this lush soil deposited by the Rivers Frazier - in Canada - and Nooksak - in USA.

Strawberries are already being harvested. Raspberries begin in a few days. During the next couple months, berries of some sort will be available from local fields...available already picked, or available for picking yourself.

When local berries are about finished, the tree fruit of the Columbia River Basin only one hour drive away will be in full swing, lasting into October.

Washington State has nearly unending fruit fresh from the fields all Summer.

...and there is still room and demand for Dairy products. A number of dairy farms operate near Lynden.

A typical farmhouse from 50 + years ago.

Interesting choice of words by Washington DOT. "Customs" means Canada / USA Border Customs...

I take the choice of words to have emphasis on "security" and "revenue"...not the freedom of over 3,000 miles of undefended international border...the longest such border in the world.

The Peace Arch, which I will walk under tomorrow, anchors the West end of that 3,000 miles of undefended border between Canada and the United States.

The above liquid being jetted onto the field is liquified Poop from dairy cows. With this spraying, the cycle is complete; i.e.,

Cow Eats Grass
Cow Makes Milk
Cow Poops processing byproduct.
Farmer liquifies Poop
Poop is sprayed back on Cow grazing field
Cow Eats Grass - enriched by Poop
Cow Makes....etc.

Poop Pump.

In the far distance is Canada. The Peace Arch is about 5 miles to the left.

My walk back through Lynden.

Girls offering fresh picked Strawberries.

I purchased a complete "flat" of strawberries to take to the Solstice Party this evening.

Lo and behold, I hunted for over one hour and could not find the roadway to Mike and Kris' home...even though I have been there many times...and even telephoned to confirm my directions.

In defeat, I retreated to Bellingham WAL-MART - tail between my legs - where we will park for the night.

Yes, I have eaten quite a few fresh strawberries this evening...YUM.

Lynden residential street.

A number of "yard / garage " sales were in progress this Saturday in Lynden.

Lynden also has downtown murals...please note the "Three Sisters" in the mural.

In addition to FREE middle-of-town Restrooms for pedestrians, Lynden also offers downtown FREE parking for tourists and residents alike.

Lynden is most definitely a People town and is keen on promoting business for downtown.

Any other towns peeking over Lynden's shoulder ???

Click click to enlarge...a bit of Lynden history.

I like this photograph of mid town Lynden.

In addition to all the fruit surrounding the small city of Lynden, it also boasts to be the center of the largest commercial source for Tulips outside of Holland.

Actually, the major Tulip fields are about 30 miles to the South, in the Delta of the Skagit River...the same river we walked a few days ago coming down from the North Cascade Pass.

Mid-town garden.

Two large Windmills - the one above and another a few blocks to the West - are found in mid-town Lynden. A number of smaller windmills are also found on business and home properties.

I am truly disappointed I have not been able to join the Squalicum Yacht Club Solstice Party...another evening alone was not my first choice...and missing out on renewing old - and new - friendships of yachting friends.

In the morning, I will spiffy up SPIA a bit more...perhaps walk around downtown Bellingham a bit...or perhaps take in the Marina.

Around 12:00 noon or so, will drive SPIA North the 25 miles to Blaine, Washington, where we will find a parking spot a few miles South of Blaine on "Portal Way"...Old US Highway 99.

Historical Note: US Highway 99 begins in British Columbia, Canada, crosses through the USA from Blaine, Washington to San Diego, California, and continues all the way to Panama and beyond.

At 2:00 pm, I will have walked the few remaining miles from SPIA's parking place to the Peace Arch.

I have no idea of any activities, visitors, or other acknowledgment(s) of my completion of:

one Diagonal Crossing - Blaine (Peace Arch), Washington to Key West, Florida;

- and one Circumnavigation of the USA -

Blaine (Peace Arch), Washington;
Bakersfield, California;
Lake City, Florida;
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina;
De Kalb, Illinois;
and, finally, back to Blaine, Washington (Peace Arch).

...having walked something like 16,000 miles
- in 810 days taking only 3 days rest during actual walking periods
- investing four months (120 of the 810 days) working to help Hurricane IRENE victims in the Outer Banks - for which I refused all $$ remuneratin...MY TREAT !
- having posted over 700 blog updates
- containing something like 30,000 photographs.

I have done this to promote "old" citizens' abilities to do more than given credit for;

-without sponsorship of any kind
-financed totally (with a handful of exceptions from family and friends) by my Social Security $$.

and most importantly, I have yet to have my first foot blister and am told by my Cardiologist that I am "...healthier than any 35-year-old has a right to be".

During this time and investment, I have gained hundreds of new friends...some I dearly love...and visited places which many only dream of one day seeing.

I cannot envision having lived my life without having taken this stroll around America.


Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

I think you are an amazing inspiration!! Look what you have accomplished!! Congrats on finishing up this walk around, and through our great country! I've learned so much by reading your blog & seeing the pictures you've shared. I hope you will still write ~ and can't wait to hear what is next for you!!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your trip Dallas lovejoy meet. You at hurricane seniors thanks