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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Please say HELLO to Robby.

Robby is, I believe, a Native American, living in the Sandpoint, Idaho area. Having been a successful businessman for nearly 20 years with his own Roofing Contracting company, he was forced to close it down when the economy bust hit our nation.

More with Robby below.

The parking lot of the Big R, stranding SPIA in a virtual swimming pool. Just before darkness fell, we moved SPIA across the street to the WAL-MART parking lot. We needed to do some food shopping and it was not so wet walking the shorter distance.

This morning dawned bright and sunny...with the surrounding hills decked out in SNOW.

Snow level looked to be about 200 feet above ground level...with the cold to go with it. One of our "readers" suggested we find a product THROUGH THE ROOF, manufactured in the USA by SHASHCO...the "perfect" product to stop all SPIA rain leaks.

I in fact did find THROUGH THE ROOF at the local CO-OP Super Store. I purchased one gallon - at $50.00 -. Since the Sun was beaming warmth and dry air down upon us, I decided to then and there, apply the "sealer" to SPIA immediately. That meant climbing onto SPIA's roof and coating all seams and fixtures.

THROUGH THE ROOF is a gelatin consistency sealer, applied with a stiff sponge. It took about two hours to complete first, the roof...then standing on a milk crate, coated all side seams and window / door frames. Used up 80% of the gallon can.

The product is crystal color at all, so is invisible. It is now 6:45 pm...and rain has just begun to fall...we shall see !!

No big surprise here...I like cow scenes.

This family has come up with a novel approach to earning $$. They purchased a warehouse of 40 or so tents...most new, but some good used tents too.

When I came upon them hawking tents along side US 95, they had already sold all but 10 or so tents.

The price range was $25.00 to $35.00 each tent. A terrific buy for anyone in the market for a good tent.

Did not ask their name or for a pic, but the wife said they had to do something to make ends meet and they did realize a reasonable profit selling their tents.

Our Recession Saga continues...even here in the Idaho Panhandle.

After repairing SPIA's roof, we drove out of Sandpoint, Idaho, to the tiny village of Sagle, some 7 miles South on US 95. To reach Sagle, Lake Pend Oreille must be crossed.

Some lake scenes.

Our "Land Bridge" chugging past on the distant shore.

From the South shore, looking back North at Sandpoint and the distant mountains.

Would not call the lake water "crystal clear", but nearly so.

Home owners paradise.

Those rails leading into the water is a common water-side method of launching and landing small boats from your own yard.

Returning to SPIA from our one and only walk of today, stopped in at this restaurant for their advertised Fish and Chips.

We already have been introduced to Robby...well here he is lunch companion at the CAFE 95.

Robby is the perfect conversationalist. He is ... really is ... expert on most geographic and "wild things" going on in and around the Sandpoint, Idaho region.

You want to hunt a special animal...Robby knows exactly where to find each one.

Want to catch a trophy fish...any kind of fish you hanker for...Robby knows precisely where they hang out...not just which lake or stream, but precisely at which spot in the water such and such critter is to be found...and how to catch them.

Robby went on and on about fish migration...where this species is at any time of the year...and the travel route they take to get from place to place.

Fascinating to listen to Robby.

To find Robby, just ask for Robby the Roofer. Apparently everybody knows Robby the Roofer.

Paralleling US 95 South from Lake Pend Oreille, is the above bicycle / walking path. It goes on for many miles and has it's own road signs and signals. In some places, it uses the old roadway, but mostly, it is of new construction.

Log Homes are very popular in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Recall, if you will, the home of Bill and Ginger we visited some days ago.

We have been walking very close to the Canadian border for some weeks now...ever since picking up US 2 on the East side of Montana.

Now, we dip South a hundred miles or so, only to climb back up as we cross the State of Washington, where we will finally arrive at the Peace Arch...that beautiful piece of architecture standing squarely on the Canada/USA border at the town of Blaine, Washington...our final destination.

Returning to SPIA at Segle, we drove South on US 95 for another 5 miles to the small village of Westmond, where SPIA is settled on a grassy spot between the Chevron Gas Station/Convenience Store...and the Westmond Hair/Message Solon.

Being the snoop I am, I had to check out the Solon. Being offered their $45.00 Pedicure for a mere $25.00, I jumped at the chance; 45 minutes later, I was $25.00 poorer, but felt $100.00 better.

I failed to have my camera at the Solon. Went to get it from SPIA, but when I returned, the "Daughter" said, Mom is already gone home, but you can catch her in the morning after your walk...she gets in at 9:00 am.

It is raining rather hard now. Lets hope I did a good enough job on SPIA's roof and side seams to put a stop to all that leaking.

Oh, yes...SPIA's "house" battery, which we purchased new at WAL-MART in DeKalb, Illinois - while visiting my Sister, Carol - gave up the ghost...simply would not hold a charge. Since I was parked at WAL-MART, I took it back - I had the receipt - and received a new battery in exchange. Now, we have 4 lights on the switching panel instead of the single light with the old battery.

May not seem important, but we found that our Propane Furnace motor needs at least 2 lights available to run the furnace motor. The past couple nights have been COLD, and with the nearly "dead" battery - even though being nearly new - , we had no heat. Thanks again, Karen E. for the toasty warm Down Feather Comforter...I think of you every time I slip under it.

Tomorrow morning, will walk South on US 95...I now have full compliment of new Rain Gear... toward the spot on the map called Careywood, Idaho, about 8 miles distant.

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