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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Wish a Happy Valentine Day to all.

Except for a short walk to our local Mall for batteries, have hibernated indoors refining the walking route for my upcoming trek from Wilmington, North Carolina to the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington.

In order to visit as many new places as possible - from last year's route -, have prepared new AAA maps with route details.  To reduce the volume of paper, have scissored (cut) the physical maps to fold into Ziploc bags.

Discovered an interesting surprise as I scanned the map of last year's walk...mentally visualized my (nearly) entire route, bringing to mind the actual road...businesses along the way...even individual trees, bridges, landscapes, animals and people.  Just for the heck of it, pulled maps or prior routes walked...and was astounded that I also visualized nearly every place as I dragged my finger over the map.

Now, if I could just plug a computer into my brain, I could share my recollections in near real time. 

This is, therefore, an appropriate moment to share my previously created story-line (already becoming a book) based on the premise that ALL knowledge of ALL biological ancestors is passed down to us at the moment of conception...such knowledge being available for OUR recall; i.e., we actually access our own biological information back to the beginning of ancestral time.

In my - proposed - book, we EXPERIENCE knowledge in real time as experienced from the standpoint/viewpoint of our ancestor(s). 

This premise also means that OUR personal life knowledge is also passed on to OUR descendants upon conception.

I know, what a ridiculous idea...but then again...

WHATCOM COUNTY Bus Stop.  The entire county has bus service, providing service on 15-minute schedules.  "Senior" bus service is available on call in most areas. 

The past couple days, walked about 8 miles each day visiting with old business friends - going to get a new reflective safety vest with SENIORS WALKING AMERICA stamped on the back (current one is 3 years old having lost all it's reflectivity) - ...bought a new lightweight pair of walking trousers (installed a new high quality zipper and re-stitched the leg cuffs), and arranged to sell - on consignment - my many motorcycle riding leathers. 

For years, have viewed JEEP front grill as a work of art.  Some things seem never to change.

VOLVO trail lights have somewhat artistic also.

A relatively new shopping district, BARKLEY CENTER, has been developed in the North East corner of Bellingham.  This lake and its new fountains were only a year or two ago brush-filled swamp.  Barkley Center is about 20 minute walk from my apartment.

Bellingham proudly includes a number of religious edifices...this one two blocks from Bellingham High School.

Not to forget to update WWU - Western Washington University - Men's Basketball Team:  WWU Division II Basketball Team plays again at 7:00 pm this evening (in 10 minutes).  Having now won 28 games in a row - 20 this season plus the final 6 leading to 2012 Division II National Championship - , each new game is charting new ground...gaining national media attention. 

Most amazing is that nearly all WWU players are from local Northwest schools.

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