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Saturday, February 16, 2013


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Was signed up to join a POWER Hike this morning.  At the last minute, decided I would do better to avoid such strenuous hikes on mountain trails.  The danger of injury is high.  With my upcoming walk from North Carolina, do not need any injuries. 

Instead, again tackled my 18-mile walk out to the Y Road and back.  Right heel tendon is not fully healed, but completed the walk with only modest pain.  Returned in 4 hours 32 minutes, walking counter clockwise - the more difficult hills to climb.

A Gold Mine Car...

Not a major region for Gold prospecting, there are a number of gold mines in the nearby Cascade Mountains.  Gold is also paned in nearby rivers.

Lake Whatcom Park near the intersection of Britton Road and North Shore Road.

Across Lake Whatcom from North Shore Drive are the hills my hiking friends are climbing this morning.

Lake Whatcom is some 15 miles long reaching a depth of 300 + feet.  The South Fork of the Nooksack River has been partially diverted into Lake Whatcom, assuring year round water supply.  Bellingham City Water is taken from Lake Whatcom.

Sun breaking through heavy overcast reflecting off Lake Whatcom.

FOR SALE Flyer for a waterfront home.  Click the image to enlarge.

North Shore Drive bordering Lake Whatcom.

My 18-mile walking route circumnavigates the hill in the background beyond this forested valley.

Many homes are hidden away in the thick forest.  This driveway crosses the bridge in the distance, arriving at a beautiful secluded home to the left.

Squalicum Lake.  Many name places in the North West...indeed, in all of the West...are of American Indian origin.  For example, SEATTLE is named for Chief Sealth...a personal friend of historic Doc Maynard...who befriended the White Man during the mid 1800s.

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