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Thursday, February 21, 2013


BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON – Thursday, February 21. 2013

Plenty of time for reading some of my many Historical Novels…mostly, about ancient – 12,000 years ago – American Indians, and 1700 – 1800 British / French Naval Ships slugging it out in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Caribbean. One of my favorites, however, is a book entitled “1421” written by British Submarine Captain (Retired) GAVIN…detailing the three massive fleets of CHINESE ships – some as large as 600 + feet long which in 1421, sailed the world over, colonizing as they went. One aside: When Christopher Columbus first sailed from Spain, he took with him MAPS of the Americas drawn by the Chinese when they CIRCUMNAVIGATED North and South America in 1421 – 1423. Yes, please do check it out !

Since our previous Post, have completed some short 5 + /- mile walks and once again, my 18 mile route via “Y” Road…all successful; i.e., no injury.

Mostly, however, remaining in my apartment – book(s) in hand – reading while relaxing in my comfy recliner. Between books, have carefully selected items to provision SAM, which, in the next couple days, will ship in a box via UPS (United Parcel Service) to Wilmington, North Carolina. Why? you may ask…because I have purchased my DELTA Air Ticket to fly Seattle – Norfolk, Virginia on March 06. Karen and Craig will pick me up and drive me to their home in Columbia, North Carolina, where I will hang out for a few days. Will then take a bus to Wilmington, N.C.,

Arriving in Wilmington, will strip SAM of her motor, electrical controller(s), and 6 batteries…which will reduce SAM’s weight by over 100 pounds. Having reconfigured SAM and loaded up her provisions from my “box”, will begin my 5th walk across America.

Should reach Bellingham about July 10, 2013.

I do have one concern…Intestinal blockage is still with me…possibly a carry-over from my recent bout with the flu. Have decided, however, that walking will be my best “medicine” to patch things up.

In researching Intestinal problems, have come across an incredible bit of recent discovery regarding the APPENDIX. Scientists have recently discovered a most probable “evolutionary” event regarding the Appendix.

It appears that some 18 different Mammals have an Appendix…perhaps many more waiting to be discovered. It seems that the Appendix may after all have a critical function in our body…goes something like this…involving “good” Bacteria and the Lymphatic System (home base for our Immune System):

Our Appendix sits at the junction of our Small and Large Intestine.

Inside our Appendix reside LYMPH NODES, wherein White Blood Cells are manufactured..

Food digested in our stomach is passed into the Small Intestine where “good” Bacteria break it down for transport from the Intestine on to the Blood Circulatory System.

It happens that “Bad” Bacteria sometimes multiplies within our “gut” Intestines, causing problems…including overwhelming “good” Bacteria. When this happens, “good” Bacteria apparently retreat into the APPENDIX, slamming the Appendix Door shut behind them. Any “bad” Bacteria entering the Appendix are identified, attacked, and killed by White Blood Cells living within our Lymph Nodes. “Good” Bacteria hang out safely within our Appendix until the “Bad” Bacteria is overwhelmed within our Intestine…at which moment, the Appendix door reopens allowing our “Good” Bacteria back into our Intestinal Tract to continue to do its job.

I probably have not got it just right, but this is my understanding of the recent discovery.

Since I am presently battling an intestinal problem, it is somewhat comforting to know my body has a process already worked out – through evolution – to fix me up.

Must remember, of course, the Lymphatic System DOES NOT WORK unless the body is in constant motion; i.e., muscular action is the “motor” making the Lymphatic System work…without flexing our muscles – through walking, swimming, biking, running, etc., our Lymphatic System (i.e., our IMMUNE SYSTEM) simply cannot function.

No, I am not a medical guy or anything close to that…I simply try to pay attention to what makes ME function…perhaps it is true that “knowledge is power”.

Am looking into adding a “Button” to my Blog, which will permit interested followers (readers) to make a $$ contribution to SAM & ME. To this moment, our 3-year walk has been financed essentially through my Social Security monthly deposits. With a bit more revenue at hand, a wholesome meal or a now and again motel might be added to our trek.

My upcoming walk will include only SAM & ME. No vehicle support will be available, keeping costs to absolute minimum…thank goodness, as while crossing America, I must maintain my leased Bellingham apartment. Since it is State sponsored “Senior” digs, strict restrictions are in place to keep out non-approved apartment sitters or sub-leasing.

I still hesitate to take on a “Cause” (Heart, Cancer, Diabetes, etc) because I have discovered a large percentage of donations are skimmed off as operating expenses by the “Cause” administrators, leaving a minuscule $$ available to actually benefit the “Cause”.

I would look quite differently on a “Cause” where reasonable overhead expenditures were guaranteed.

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