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Saturday, February 23, 2013


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Yesterday, POST 1065 was loaded…and after re-reading it, taken down. I was not pleased with my own post; primarily because of the negativism. I have attempted to avoid critical, religious, political, or negative posts, and have a few times previously, taken down prior posts which – in my opinion - failed to meet these criteria. I know that in the first 5 minutes it was up, it was read by six folks. I trust I have not offended anyone. In my sometimes frustrated moments, I get a bit carried away.

As mentioned in the past few posts, I have been a bit under the “flu” weather. Intestinal constriction has tied me up for over one week with none of the normal medications having any effect.. Yesterday, I finally resorted to Google for assistance. First recommendation was: 2 tablespoons SEA SALT dissolved in one quart of WARM water, which is to be drunk immediately…preferable in the morning before breakfast.

I followed instructions, but cutting quantity to 1 tsp in 8 oz warm water. Within three hours, I experienced the first of three BMs…the first in over a week.

Needless to say, I was shocked…and immediately picked up another box of sea Salt which has been added to my walking medicine kit.

While on the subject of “medical” adventures, let it be known that since a young teenager, I – like so many millions – have suffered with chronic SINUSITIS. Having tried, over the past 60 or so years, every imaginable treatment, compacted sinus has been with me.

It was when I began walking in 2009 that I discovered that after “power” walking for 1.5 hours, my sinuses began to run like a faucet. After 2 months of daily power walking, sinuses were completely clear…and remained clear as long as I continued to walk.

Stopping off in OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) for 4 months last winter (2011-2012), my sinuses were again clogged, bringing on head aches, severe tooth aches – went to the dentist begging him to pull my wisdom tooth (he refused), blurry vision, and impaired hearing. I have discovered that compacted sinus cavities put excessive pressure on tooth nerves, auditory nerves, and optic nerves…which pass through or near sinus cavities.

Upon resuming my walking on last March 01 – OBX to the Peace Arch – upon reaching the Ohio River 2.5 weeks later, my sinuses were once again clear…of course, the first 2.5 weeks my head drained like a faucet.

At no time did I take any medication…the relief came strictly from WALKING!

In other words, walking induced muscle message upon my Lymphatic System, which allowed it to do its job; i.e., drain the body of excess liquids..

I again repeat that I am not a doctor or trained in any manner in the medical field. I am sharing my own self-discoveries, hoping that others may check out my findings and benefit there from.

Went shopping today for WATERPROOF walking shoes. Finally found what appears to be a suitable possibility…i.e., COLUMBIA Out-Dry TECHLITE Oni-Gip shoes; cost: $90.00.

During last year’s crossing, I was deluged by passing 18-wheeler throwing wave after wave of solid banks of water…as though I was walking through a full-blast Car Wash. My shoes were nearly always full of water seeping down the tongue area.

The new COLUMBIA shoes, coupled with rain pants and GAITERS, will keep my legs and feet dry in all weathers.

I also wish to share that in the past few weeks, this blog has received up to fifty (50) "Comments" each day.  Nearly all are anonymous, highly complimentary, with requests to "guest post", etc.  I have not posted 95 % of them because they include reference to the sender's web site or blog.  I fear picking up virus or inappropriate information.

I would welcome any guidance in handling these comments.  So far, every single comment has been complimentary...not a single derogatory content.

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Anonymous said...

i will take your advice

Aunt @ Uncle said...

Take care Keep that chin up