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Monday, February 25, 2013


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1500 hours (3:00 pm)…rain has stopped…wind has shifted from NE to SW and dropped to a mild breeze. Sitting next to my left leg is SAM’s Provisions Box…packed and repacked for the sixth time…and it is still too heavy.

Most probably, I have selected far too much.

Contacted UPS about SAM’s box…cost estimated at $125.00 to ship it GROUND (cheapest way) to Wilmington, North Carolina…where SAM awaits my arrival.

Pondering the wisdom of sending so much clear across the country, am coming to the realization that I can always leave items behind in Wilmington…but, if I leave out something critical, finding it in a big unfamiliar city may be difficult.

As departure date comes near, thoughts are rampaging…here I sit in a most comfy fully furnished apartment. Is it intelligent to again enter into Mother Nature’s domain when there is no one…indeed, nothing…encouraging or discouraging me to continue walking our beautiful country?

I have been in Bellingham going on four months now. I have been pleased to have Bob here a time or three, helping me with this and that. On the other hand, not a single other of my “friends” of so many years has bothered to phone or accept my invitation(s) to visit…nor have I received a single invitation.

So, I ponder. Welcoming the Winter season of life, I ponder how I should spend my remaining (years?). Continue to sit on my butt, letting precious moments slip by…or return to Mother Nature and all She has to offer.

Checking Google and FACEBOOK, I find over 100 folks are following this blog each day…and nearly 50 “comments” (even though I realize most are SPAM; i.e., inviting readers to their web / blogs), are being received…ALL of which are of the highest complimentary and encouraging nature…I do not post them for fear of virus, etc.

Vegetating here in my apartment, I am truly bored…and a bit lonely.

Out with Mother Nature, I am welcomed by animals, plants, and natural beauty of our Earth…and with my Mini, hundred(s) around the world join me only hours after I actually complete my daily trek.

Not being among the most intelligent, it is, however, becoming clear… as to be a no-brainer (perfect for ME), that I must once again lift my tush off my recliner, put my book(s) back in the cabinet, run to catch my flight to Norfolk, Virginia, and step back in to the one place I know I am welcome…”On The Road Again”.

My newly purchased waterproof shoes have received two days of walking – 16 miles or so -, proving to be comfy. Tempted to purchase a second pair and leave all my “older” walking shoes behind.

I have, for the moment, declined to add a “Donation” button. Notwithstanding the fact that I might benefit, I go back to three years ago when I first embarked on my long walk. At that time, I received not a single encouraging comment…it was obvious that everyone (except B.) thought I was just a crazy old man. In truth, it made me at once sad and angry…determined, in fact to find – and share the knowledge – of just how much this old body could endure…just how far determination can take one.

To do that, I knowingly set off with no support, no sponsorship, and no encouragement…certainly no $$ “Button”. In fact, I declined many offers of cash $$ from folks I met along the way.

That which has been achieved so far has been more than satisfying. I am so proud of my body’s performance and endurance.

So, tomorrow, I will close up SAM’s Provision Box and send it on its way.

Posts will not “daily”. Arriving at a source of electrical power for my Mini, I will update the “skipped” days of posting.

We will not have electrical power aboard SAM, as I will remove the entire electrical system, including batteries, controllers, and motor in the effort to reduce SAM’s weight. As currently configured, I simply cannot physically guide SAM down the many 8% + Allegheny Mountain Hills. SAM is much heavy and would certainly run away down those precipitous curving narrow roadways.

Oh, a warm up, next Saturday (March 02), I will compete in a (walking) 1/2 Marathon at 0900 hours, followed by "wine tasting" at 1400 hours.

My goal is to complete the 1/2 marathon in 2 hours 45 minutes...we shall see.

34 years ago, I "ran" the Boston Marathon in 2 hours 50 minutes...only 9 months after giving up smoking (21 years) 3 packs a day...yes, I have a certificate in proof.

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Ronalee said...

Lee and I never thought you were a "crazy old man", just a very spunky one! We always enjoyed your company. God speed and traveling mercies on your next ventures. I will be following your blog.
Ronalee Kincaid

Anonymous said...

i follow

Anonymous said...

on your travels if you come through Bruneau,Id, make sure you stop by, good luck Bruce!!! Robert.