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Saturday, March 9, 2013


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BRRrrr,,,first night in my tent was:  unfamiliar, uncomfortable, cold;  took an hour to figure out how to put all the tent pieces together; the air mattress leaked; needed a blanket inside my sleeping bag; needed a larger pee bottle (no way I'm gonna go outside)

Without benefit of anything for breakfast (no stores around the KOA where we spent our first night), finally got underway at 8:30am.

In the South, road signs dot the roadways giving local historic people / events.

We are headed for Topsail Island...first place there is a motel since leaving Wilmington.  After sleeping (?) two consecutive nights in airports, I was more than a "little" tired and without much energy.

SAM is much TOO HEAVY.  There is no way I can push SAM across America without removing at least 1/4 of her weight.  Had to stop to rest every the final 10 miles to Surf City (Top Sail Island), had to stop every 5 to 10 minutes, head down on SAM's solar panel, to recover...not good as my body simply refused to go on.

Please say HELLO to Matthew, who stopped to "see what you were all about".
We chatted for at least 20 minutes...Matt asked if I had a "donate" button.  He asked if he could help me out $$--wise.  OK...but he had only $3.00, which he gave me. 

Must re-think the "donate" button, as many folks really taken by this old guy's crazy effort...and I know they really do want to participate in our walk...their way to join in.

Please say HELLO to Deputy Justin, who stopped to question me, reported my walking presence into the Police System, and cautioned us not to walk on the it is VERY dangerous...Yes, Deputy Justin, it is.

Deputy Justin gave me his business card, requesting (demanding) that I phone his office when we finally settle in for the night...he seemed truly concerned that I would make it that far.  So, when I took my room at Surf City, I did call in that I did make it all in one piece.

In all, we were stopped and admonished by no less than four (4) police today...all because of motorists phone in about some guy walking on the highway.  In truth, except for separated highway (US 17 was sometimes a divided highway) there is mostly NO berm...i.e., no place to walk without actually walking on the pavement.

The State Patrolman told us that it is against the law to walk on the pavement in North Carolina...with the unsaid warning that police have SAM and ME in the system and are watching out for us.

Since Highway 120, where we were then walking, has NO place to walk, we continued walking on the pavement as Mr. State Patrolman pulled away.

Please say HELLO to Lacy.  Walking past the home of Lacy in Surf City while looking for an "open" motel, Lacy hailed us...seems Lacy saw SAM and ME three or four times as we walked the final 10 or so miles to Surf City.

A gentleman whom I failed to get a photograph, became an important we walked into the Vacation Resort town of Surf City, this gentleman stopped his car, asking if we needed help.  Said we were looking for a motel for the night as I was totally exhausted and needed a place to recover. 

He pointed out a motel a couple blocks away...then drove off.  I thanked him and SAM and ME walked and rolled over to the motel, only to find that it was closed for the a mirage, "the man" again drove up beside us, apologizing that the motel was closed...but he knew of three or four more...whereupon, he again pointed the way to the next one and drove off.

The second one was also closed.  Again "the man" drove up.  Now I was a bit cautious, but he said he would drive around until he found an open motel.  To his credit, he again appeared, saying that the LOGERBACK INN has rooms for $65.00...and pointed the way...only for more blocks.  SAM & ME dragged ourselves to LOGGERBACK INN, registered, and the desk man refused my Credit Card..."the other gentlemen has already paid for your room".

Geeze...and I don't know who this man is.  The desk clerk handed me the address of the man in the car - no name, no phone -...just in case, says he you might want to send him a note.


Walked to a small Italian Restaurant a couple hundred steps from the LOGGERBACK INN, where I was welcomed by half a dozen "family", and enjoyed a Ceaser Salad and Spaghetti with meat sauce...and a welcome Beer.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I sat at the table across from you last night at dinner. You caught my eye as you began to rest your eyes at the table. Judging from the safety vest you were wearing i assumed you were working on the beach we nourishment project. I thought you were tired from a long day at work. It wasn't until you were gone that I asked the waitress about your vest. She shared with me the information about you. When my husband and I got home we looked at your blog. We talked about you and your adventures. Wishing we had taken the time to introduce ourselves at dinner. We're out running errands early this morning and hope to cross paths with you. Either way we will be keeping up with you through your blog. Safe travels and God bless. Christi