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Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Away from the Holiday Express at 8:00am...located on the West side of the town of Plymouth, I was cautioned that it would be over 30 miles to reach Columbia, North Carolina. 

It rain for about 2 hours.  Did not use my rain gear.  Instead, used my flimsy PANCHO which, as always, kept me dry as a bone.  Along the way, came upon a large pickup truck pulling a trailer of Palomino horses.  Asked the 3 ladies if I could, just retrieving a bag that floated out the window.  As SAM & ME walked away, one of the ladies ran after us, slipping $25.00 into my hand...please just take it...we want to help.

Late in the afternoon, we ran out of water.  The rain had stopped...the Sun came out...and sure enough, the distance to Columbia was at least 10 miles more than I had allowed. 

A lady was watching from her mobile home as SAM & I walked and rolled along US 64.  I held up my empty water bottle...and she immediately came to the fence (US 64 is a fenced "freeway at that point) carrying five full water bottles.  To meet her, I had to descend a 20 foot steep grassy slope.  On the way down, my left foot slipped, causing my first injury in three years walking.  Somewhat like a blister...but much more serious, as the top layer of tough skin separated from the heel bone...O U C H !

The above image is of SAM looking up from the bottom of the slope.

I thanked the lady profusely...I was really hurting from thirst.  As we walked away, she followed asking if we would like a ride...explained that Columbia was only 7 miles, and that we would be OK walking.

She would not take NO for an answer.  She followed on the side road insisting that we accept her offer.  Finally convinced her we would be OK.

Five minutes later, my heel was in excruciating pain from the injury.  At that moment, the lady's SUV pulled along side SAM - heading in the direction of Columbia...this time a gentlemen got out...My wife says you need a ride to Columbia.  So happened, there was an official "cross over" to his side, so I pushed SAM to his car. 

Took only a couple minutes to load up SAM...and off we drove the final 6 miles toward Columbia.

You know, says he...I remember you from last year.  I met you when you were walking back to the Peace Arch from OBX (Outer Banks). 

...and then, I remembered him, also.  We did meet one year ago.  Now, here he was rescuing SAM & ME at the exact moment we desperately needed help.

...and yet, another swamp along North Carolina roadways.

US 64 as SAM & ME walked today from Plymouth toward Columbia.

Please say HELLO to TIM.  Tim is our rescuer today...and the gentleman we met one year ago walking this same road.

Tim drove SAM & ME to the front door of the home of Karen and Craig, helped unload SAM...then lift SAM onthe front porch for safe keeping.  Took a moment to introduce Tim to Karen...Tim apparently knows (of) Karen, having visited many events in Columbia.  All parades and functions pass in review before Karen and Craig's front yard...the prime viewing point.

Wilmington, North Carolina to Columbia this past week has been full of surprises...kind and gracious new friends...and now Tim from our walk last year. 

Sure beats sitting on the couch guzzling beer munching chips...

Thank you all for being there for SAM & ME at the very moment(s) we needed you.  You will be always near our hearts.

At the moment, I sit in "my" room in the home of Karen and Craig.  Wine has been enjoyed...scrumptious ham sandwich filled my tummy (also Augie's), and all is quiet as I finish this post and slip into the feathers.

Tomorrow is another day...gone with the wind !


Bob said...

Glad you made it ok, hope the heel mends quickly.

My best to you and all of those who help you along the way.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your bog Dallas of wv