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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Early this afternoon, made the tentative decision that SAM & ME would be on the road tomorrow morning. 

Spent much of the afternoon looking over Karen's shoulder as she worked her way through PayPal Donation program...finally achieving full integration of all details and links from PayPal - Google Blog - my bank.  The first donation transaction is currently in take a day or two to complete the bank transfer phase.

Because of the many hours invested by Karen, we have decided it would be appropriate that SAM & ME remain in Columbia at least until we know the entire system works.

Also reached sister Carol in De Kalb, Illinois, who admonished me by shouting over the phone...ARE YOU CRAZY...the snow is still deep on the ground up here...and you are still fighting a drippy snoz....I want to see you, but ALIVE...not DEAD.  Stay until your are fully healed.

Replied...yes, know I'm crazy...but not particularly stupid...

So, SAM & ME have  (with much pleasure) postponed our departure for a few more days. 

The Donation Button is located at the top of each blog update page.

SAM & ME have walked our walk using only Social Security $$ together with the generosity of dozens of new friends offering themselves and their homes to make our journey more pleasant.  We have received numerous requests for a Donation Button on our blog...and now it is available...

...thank you all ever so much for your kindness and support.

SAM & ME will be making more short forays from Columbia into the local "wetlands".  We have been emphatically advised that there are NO SWAMPS in this area...there are, however, many WETLANDS.

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Update on Division II College Basketball:

Both Men's and Women's Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington), are only two games away from the national championship.

WWU Men's Basketball won it all in 2012.

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