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Sunday, March 10, 2013


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Checking in to A.C.'s motel room gift, discovered there was no drain plug in the bath tub. 

Please say HELLO to Greg, manager of our motel, who immediately fetched two plug candidates...neither of which fit the tub.  ...We just don't have plugs for our one around here takes baths, says Greg.  OH, Really, says I...but I must have a soaking hot water bath...sore muscles, you know.  Sorry, but there are no other plugs...we simply do not use them any more.


Rummaging through my "duffel" hand carry, I located my shower cap...brought it along as it fits easily in a pocket for when it unexpectedly starts to rain...and putting it over the drain hole...then inserting the plug over the plastic cap formed the perfect water tight plug...and so I enjoyed my 1 + hour soak.

The motel was on the far southern part of Jacksonville.  On the way through town, stopped at the Golden Arches for a EGG McMUFFIN...then on US 17 north to the town of Maysville.

Passing this forested land ... actually, thousands of young Evergreens (not pine trees usually found in these parts) were growing in vast tracts along US 17.

While training for my quest after the Boston Marathon back in 1975, ran many times on the Post Road of White Plains, New York...and here it is in North Carolina.

A look at US 17 as it runs north of Jacksonville, North Carolina.  A nice road for walking, as it has a suitable berm (the area outside the white line).

Of course, many of us remember the famous 1953 Chevrolet...

Please say HELLO to TONYA and hubby SCOTT. 

About three in the afternoon, becoming unable to continue walking, I plunked down on a guard rail post, leaned onto SAM, and fell asleep.  Another Angle voice..."...are you OK"...opened my eyes and there stood OK?  Oh, yes...just resting a bit on my walk...anything you need...well, I could use some water (had 1/4 bottle remaining...and still 10 or miles to go to the next town).

Hold on, says Tonya...Scott and I will drive back to Maysville - only 15 minutes (by car) and bring you some water.

Not waiting for my reply, they were off...a "U" turn and hurrying North. 

Sure enough, 30 minutes later, up they pull with two filled with water bottles...the other with bread and cold cuts.

Anything else we can do for you???  (seems I on a roll, so why not !!!), well perhaps you could tell me how far it is to the next motel. 

Tell you what, says Tonya...we are having a meeting with the Pastor or our church at 5:00pm...If you agree to join I know they would love to hear about your walk, Scott and I will treat you to tonight's motel...we will carry SAM in a friend's pick up truck.

I agreed.  Had a wonderful meeting - probably talked too much to Betty, hubby Bob, Pastor Johnson, and John...after which, we loaded up SAM and drove to the small motel in Pollocks, NC.

Is now 8:30pm (EDT), this blog is near complete...will post it, take my much needed shower, and again sleep in a real bed.

In the morning, will partake breakfast in the restaurant across the street...then walk to and beyond New Bern, some 15 miles north on US 17

I am totally flabbergasted...and very much thankful for the kindness shown SAM & ME...yesterday A.Christie and her family...and today, Tonya, Scott, and their church folks.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...All


Anonymous said...

Wow! What wonderful people. This sure beats sitting in your recliner In the Senior Apt. Complex!
Remember to always check beds for bugs - they have really made a come back! Pull up the covers and look on the bare mattress for rust looking spots. Put your bag in the bath tub and keep the light on all night.
Good night sleep tight...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your post