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Saturday, March 2, 2013


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A lot of media has been evident since the February 15, 2013 ASTROID which exploded over CHELYABINSK, Siberia, injuring many and causing millions in $$ damage.

At near midnight on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1979 (or perhaps 1978), I was treated with a low-level asteroid flyby. Walking with Cri in her home village of ASCONA, Switzerland, an asteroid crossed from East to West about 2 degrees above the GOTHARD PASS (the major route from ZURICH to MILAN).

Ascona lies on the West Bank of Lago Majore about two miles north of the Italian border; i.e., we were looking north towards the Gothard Pass when the asteroid crossed in front of us.

The path of the asteroid was essentially HORIZONTAL to the Earth’s surface and took 6 to 7 seconds to cross the horizon. Its trajectory was on the North side of the Alps, as it appeared from behind the mountains to the east of Gothard and disappeared behind mountain tops to the west of Gothard.

I estimated that if the asteroid did hit Earth, it impacted someplace in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

I did not report the sighting…nor have I found any information on it.

Perhaps someone reading this post happened to see the asteroid crossing.

All logistics for my travel from Bellingham to Wilmington, North Carolina are in place. Have not finalized my route beyond De Kalb, Illinois.

For certain, SAM & ME will walk to De Kalb to spend time with my sister Carol; then have a number of options: Highway 2, Highway 12, Highway 20, Highway 30…or perhaps even backtrack to circumnavigate the north east….Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, etc.

I just ask that folks sharing roadways with SAM & ME to please watch their manners. Most back roads we walk and roll are narrow with little or no side berm.

SAM & ME must therefore travel much of the time ON THE PAVEMENT, sharing with 18-wheelers and texting drivers.

Among other challanges will be to find camping spots...where we will be welcomed to set up our tent for each night. 


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