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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Yes, I know we have been absent for nearly a week.  Truth be known, retreated under the feathers fending off a torrential outpouring of SINUS activity... fearing it might be contagious (a serious matter for Karen, who has some effort to maintain white blood cell count up...i.e., immune system health). 

Reaching Columbia 1.5 weeks ago, the coughing began.  It maxed out 48 hours ago, during which time, got nearly no sleep from fear of drowning in the sinus flow into my lungs...not nice!

Checked into the County Health Clinic where we have been assured it was not the flu or a cold or some other undesirable infectious process...pure and simple sinus gone crazy. 

One benefit...damaged heel healed nicely in the interim.

Even so, Karen threatens to hide SAM if I try to leave before the onslaught of congestion, looks to be another few days before SAM & ME head west.

Sunset over the SCAPPERNONG River...from my bedroom window.

SAM & ME did get out a couple times when Karen wasn't looking.

Downtown Columbia, North Carolina.

Walking South out of town, the roadway passes through near non -stop swamp.

These swamp waters are not more than a foot or two above sea-level.  Much of the swamp water moves very little, collecting thick growth of green plants, some growing into leafy floating colonies.

Some homes have been built nearly on top of the plant-laden swamp waters.

When not sacked out, have done and redone SAM.  Our 6 - 8 mile walks have discovered weak points in our recent modifications...which have been further redesigned to assure SAM survives the coming 3,100 mile stroll and roll.  Also, loading of SAM's provisions is critical in SAM "roadability".  Since she must be pushed 100% of the time, cg - center of gravity - is important for steering.  Have also further gleaned out items of low priority to make a bit of room for some food items.

C.L., our local Barber - I always have C.L. cut my hair when I pass through -, gifted a sturdy light weight chair.  Standing - even when stopping to rest...and after setting up our VERY uncomfortable.  Thank you, again, C.L.

Frank, C.L.'s next door neighbor, who owns and operates the local marina, has gifted us a seat cushion... had to leave ours in Bellingham.  Use the seat cushion when crawling around the ground making adjustments to SAM or when moving around the tent...saves the knees!...thank you, again, Frank.

I owe special thanks to Ann and the staff of the County Medical Center for taking in this old man for a bronchial checkup.  If I do find a job, would hope it is with a staff like you'all. 

Of course, just being in the home of Karen, Craig, Noah, and Carson is a special treat in itself.  Karen is the Chef; but, Craig has the culinary touch,, is master of so very much more. 

Walking away from the white house on the corner ... perhaps for the last going to be difficult...

Now, to listen to my pillows (4 of them) in my delightful four poster bed...hoping for a coughless night of restful dreams.

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