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Friday, July 5, 2013


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Name of the Motel is AMERICA'S BEST INN & SUITES.  SAM and ME have travelled 28 miles today, arriving at the small town of GAYLORD, MINNESOTA, where we found another "America's Best...", at the same price:  $75.00.

Arriving at 5:00 pm this afternoon, I have eaten, washed and dried my laundry, and nearly completed this blog update.  I must advise that we may see a major change in the update of this blog.  My "kitty" ($$) is nearly depleted.  This means I can no longer stay at motels along the way...which will impact my ability to find electrical power (3 - 5 hours continuous).  I will continue to do my best, but I must also be forthright (honest). 

I have considered terminating this walk, returning to Bellingham, finding work, and begin again at some future time...not a good option...but, we shall see.

In the meantime, SAM and ME had a good walk today in high temperatures and winds of about 25 miles per hour.  We walked and rolled out of SAINT PETER, Minnesota at 8:30 am...arriving at GAYLORD at 5:00 pm; i.e., 8.5 hours to cover 28 miles.

I stopped many times - nearly once each hour -, to be certain I drank plenty of water.  The stiff wind sucks moisture from my body at a prodigious rate.

I am OK...not even exceptionally tired from sleeping so few hours during recent nights.  Tonight I look forward to a full uninterrupted night of sleep.

Saint Peter Water Tower.

Highway 22 led SAM and ME out of town up a long steep hill.  I was not ready for such a climb, and it was a bit of a struggle.  I like to "warm up" by walking in a smooth short step stride to get all the bodily functions up to speed.  To be presented with such a hill takes a bit out of the body before warm up is completed.

Always nice to meet such beautiful horses.

Please note that the above photograph of corn...this field of corn already has "tassels" growing out of the top.  I later learned that this variety is "SWEET CORN"...the kind humans eat.  Not much Sweet Corn is seen in the fields.  Most corn is grown for commercial uses (animal feed, fuel, and export to China).

Always nice to see that Mother Nature is doing her part by presenting "wild flowers" along our roadways.

Highway 22 negotiated a number of difficult hills today.  Looking back the way we came presented this panorama reaching many miles into the areas SAM and ME have already negotiated.

No lettering on this School Bus Loading Area sign.

Like a Serpentine, Highway 22 leads a cork-screw path across the increasing hilly countryside.

Soy Bean field, presenting an geometric design...if one pays attention to see such things.

Farm House.

Please say HELLO to NANCY. 

Nancy slowed...then stopped...Hey, Mister...would you like to have some Ice Water?

Two things I never refuse:  Ice Water and $$.

Opening her car trunk, Nancy took out two bottles of FROZEN water...just like I have been doing the past few weeks.  Of course, I accepted her gift with many thanks.  Nancy said she was to meet her Mother In Law shortly - they are going on a camping weekend -...still, Nancy and I kept right on chatting...SAM parked in the center of one lane...Nancy's car blocking the other lane; causing a real traffic jam (which we ignored) out in the middle of No Where.

When a pretty girl want to chat, I know my priorities.  After the first couple cars tried to squeeze past, I did move SAM off the pavement a bit.

Commercial Corn...growing nicely .

Please say HELLO to JOE CONLON...local farmer of corn, soy beans, and hogs.

Joe says he has a good combination:  Hogs fertilize the fields of Corn...Corn feeds the hogs...Joe also said he passed SAM and ME a couple days ago, but did not stop.  This time Joe DID stop...also in the middle of the narrow two-lane roadway...and yes, with SAM safely off the pavement.

Please click click to enlarge.

Please say HELLO to DARWIN and his wife, BRENDA.  Grandma and Grandpa had the duty to watch over their Grandchildren today.

Please say HELLO to DARWIN (Grandpa), CARSON and PEIGHTON. 

Peighton (yes, her name is spelled correctly) handed me bottle of ice cold water...which I drank on the spot.  Grandpa gave me a larger of flavored ice water...which I sipped sparingly the rest of the day.

Grandpa also slipped me a $$ gift, which I helping me stay overnight in this motel and prepare this blog in comfort.

Grandma Brenda gifted me two of her home made muffins...which also got nibbled upon...lasting the rest of the day.

Please Click Click this bit of American History...a truly sad time...but historic truism when one "people" defeat another.

Always wondered about "LAND OF LAKES"...just where did all that butter come from. of 10,000 lakes.

Site of the NORWEGIAN Cemetery.   This land is now the land of the Norwegian and Swedish immigrants...having won it away from the Sioux Indian Nation(s).

Farmers tell that 2012 was the year of the drought.  This year, 2013, is the year for breaking rainfall records.  Many planted fields have received extensive flooding - which destroys the growing crops.  In this area, at least, the flooded soil, upon drying, has been quickly re-cultivated.

Our destination for the day.

Ever-present Water Tower.

SAM and ME were directed to the new AMERICA's BEST INN AND SUITES, where it is now 9:30 pm...Yippee, I will be asleep within the next 30 minutes !

E.J.'s Bar and Grill, where I grabbed a beer to chase my basket of Fish and only food since the Motel Continental Breakfast at 6:00 am this morning.

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