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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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After 48 hours since returning to Bellingham, the right foot pad bruise is nearly healed...but for the left foot, we are ready to walk and roll.

Alas, the left foot is doing strange things indeed.  Upon return, the left ankle swelled to a size to hide both ankles.  Today, the swelling has spread to the entire foot.  There is NO pain.  The foot pad bruise is about 3/4 healed...another couple days should do it for the bruise.

The swelling, however, is not going down...very strange.  The TENDON from the center of the shin to the top of the foot has a single sensitive - sore - spot exactly in the center of ankle rotation...

Have remained immobile; i.e., have not walked except in the apartment...and then, only when absolutely necessary. 

Will begin applying ICE packs to the left ankle / foot.

Initial job search reveals lots of opportunities for work are available in Bellingham...most of them in the trucking / driving industry.  The Post Office, however, is hiring all over America...starting salary for NEW employees:  $21.00 per hour. wonder the Post Office is bankrupt...what ever happened to minimum wage for new employees.

In any event, I will apply to the Post Office...but must wait until the left foot gives some indication of it's intent.


skeeterraz said...

You need to go in and have that foot looked at and make sure there is no fracture or something else is going on. I hope you start to feel better and good luck with the job search and hope you find something soon. Take care of yourself.

skeeterraz said...

Sorry to hear about your foot but I think you need to go have that looked at in case there maybe a hair line fracture or something else wrong. Please take care of yourself. Good luck with the job hunt and hope you find something very soon. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I found your bog
good luck

Anonymous said...

Have you looked for a job on Craigslist?