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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Please take note:  We are now on MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT TIME.

Last night was a bit of a bummer...only because I received only four hours sleep lying on the four folding steel chairs...but, I was not allowed to lay my air mattress or sleeping bag on the floor or the Convenience Store was open 24/7.

I was VERY pleased just to have a warm, dry, comfy room to stay in all night.  Thanks go to CENEX for bending the rules to allow me inside at all.

SAM and ME were on the road as the Sun came up...about 6:30 am.  Our journey today took us on I-94 West to the small town of RICHARDTON, North Dakota...some 45 miles distant.  We arrived in Richardton, as the Sun set...on the road until 8:30 pm...a total of  about 14 hours.

Two times, I simply could not stay awake, so we stopped under a handy Overpass, set up my chair, and promptly fell asleep...once for 15 minutes; once for 20 minutes.  With these short "cat-naps" I was good to go the distance.

About the 25-mile mark, while walking SAM down a steep hill, we moved a bit too fast.  Slowing SAM down, caused my left ankle tendon to over-stretch...yes, it was painful, so took one IBUPROFEN and walked on.  The final 5 miles or so, the medication wore off.  Favoring the left ankle, I pulled something in the right ankle too.

So now, I have a hitch in my get-along; i.e., doubtful that I can - or should - try to walk tomorrow.

In addition, the "blisters" received from those new BROOKS shoes, broke open today...probably because of my in-attention to detail as I was rushing to reach Richardton before dark set in.

Nothing of interest happened on I-94...spectacular views, beautiful pasture lands, lots of duck ponds...OH, YES...a small white passenger car crossed completely into the BERM - bicycle lane - where I was walking.  I jerked SAM out of the way, as the car driver - apparently distracted...or perhaps asleep at the wheel...slammed on his brakes, swerved back onto the roadway, speeding away.

It is, of course, just possible his inattention may have been intentional, but I very much doubt it.  I chalk it up to "inattention".  Does confirm my need for constant attention to each and every vehicle approaching SAM and ME. 

Yes, it is very dangerous out there.  Just glad I was walking the freeway which has lots of space for the berm.  If such an event happened on one of those narrow roadways most states require us to walk, the outcome could have been much different.

I have taken a room at the motel in Richardton...cost $60.00.  I MUST not try to walk tomorrow...not with both ankles out of kilter...and both feet with open blisters on the pad just behind the, will stay a second night.  Hopefully I will heal quickly allowing SAM and ME to walk on Thursday.

I am VERY upset to receive such injuries after so many years injury-free. 

Will give the matter much consideration...injury happens because of my carelessness...perhaps pushing too hard to reach our destination before dark.

Distances between towns are much longer than out East.  Must reappraise my walking plan to complete the rest of our journey with no further injury.


Dawn Herman said...

Sorry to hear that you have injured yourself. Hope the rest of your journey is injury free. I suggest that you sign up with This is a site that cross country cyclists use. It is pretty easy to navigate and there are hosts in Montana that you could probably stay with which will help you out on saving some money. Had I known that when you came to our shop, Broken Spoke Bike Shop that you were staying in a motel, I would have offered you our camper for the night. We belong to the WarmShowers group. Please make sure you stop at Dakota Cyclery when you get to Medora, ND as there will be an envelope waiting there for you.

Safe travels,
Dawn H.

Anonymous said...

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skeeterraz said...

OH Bruce so sorry to hear that you injured yourself and that someone almost hit you. I'm very worried about you and want you to take care of yourself. Please let me know your route of travel so I can help you find housing a head of time to make your worries a little less. If I could I would drive out to ND to pick you up and take you to your next destination but as you know I'm about 10 hours away so that's not going to help you. Please take care of yourself and stay in touch. Hugs sent your way from MN

Rodney Hess said...


Since you never had a blog today, I assume you took your own advice, and rested your feet. Hope all is well, and you are all set to continue your westward journey, into the wide open prairie.

Have a great day, and be careful of that I-94 traffic,