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Thursday, July 18, 2013


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Well, I found what is the problem with my camera.  It is so HOT an d HUMID, that the selection features are sticking together.  The telephoto quit working all together, until I hit it with a bit of WD40.  The view screen switches also became gummy.  Loosened them up with a bit of spittle...later, also a shot of WD40. 

The INSIDE of the lense assembly has received three "ghost" images (from internal condensation), that I cannot remove.

All in all, my camera is only maraginally functional.  At minimum, it requires a good cleaning - inside and out...which is not going to happen anytime soon.

Leaving the motel in JAM ESTOWN at 7:30 am, it was already 82 F. (degrees HOT), with a 15-mile per hour wind out of the West...right down our throats.

Long early-morning shadow of SAM and ME as we contemplate I-94...appears empty at the moment...but, only an illusion, as 18 wheelers scream past the next 8 hours.

At 75 miles per hour, 18-wheelers really do SCREAM as they pass SAM and ME.After 8 hours on the road, stopping in the shade and coolness of the few overpasses, we are greeted by MARVIN...come out onto I-94 specifically to find SAM and ME.

Although I do not know it, temperature has soared to over 100 F. (degrees) reflecting off the concrete roadway.  Our regular stops under the overpasses keep us moving forward.  At one overpass, I set up my chair, sit, and actually sleep for a few minutes.  Then, down one of my two remaining beef sandwiches (kept on ICE inside our insulated bag), and break out two bottles of previouisly frozen water...still 90% "Bambi Water" (hard water = ICE).

Please say HELLO to MARVIN.  Driving a pickup truck, Marvin insisted SAM and ME ride with him the final couple miles to the town of MEDINA, where our motel is waiting.

Our old friend, MICHELLE, has been busy on the net, searching each town between JAMESTOWN and BISMARK for motel - or other - rooms.  In early afternoon, Michelle reached me by cell phone, advising me of COZY CORNERS MOTEL in Medina.

SAM and ME are now comfy inside a delightful air conditioned room in the residential part of Medina...where my $$ are once again not accepted.

Please say HELLO to SUE.  Sue, on a moment's notice, made up our room, making SAM and ME welcome - even helped me lift SAM up the three front steps -. 

After putting SAM's cold drinks into the full sized refridgerator, I stripped, lay down on the queen size bed, and slept soundly for two hours.

Down town Medina.  The lense covers of my camera have become gummy also, refusing to fully open as I take the next few pictures in Medina...walked to TOOTSIE's for a milk shake and Fish and Chips...then to the Convenience Store for ready-made sandwiches for tomorrow's walk to our next destination:  STEELE, NORTH DAKOTA, some 30 miles distant.

Our home for tonight...COZY CORNERS MOTEL.

Early in the morning - about 5:00 am (about daylight), SAM and ME will leave Cozy Corners.  Another of our devoted "followers", RODNEY HESS, of Minnesota, e-mailed that he located another motel...this one in the village of STEELE.  Returning to the Convenience Store (my VERIZON cell phone would not pick up a signal), where the owner placed a call to the OK MOTEL.  Mary, the person on the other end of the call, assured me that SAM and ME have a room tomorrow night., our SAGA continues...out of the "blue", MARVIN comes to our rescue on the intensly HOT I-94...SUE prepares SAM and ME a place for the night, and Mary is waiting for SAM and ME to struggle another 30 miles to move us along to our goal.

...I wonder what magical things will visit upon SAM and ME tomorrow !


Anonymous said...

I am pleased you are doing ok
Dallas of wv

skeeterraz said...

I want to thank Sue and Marvin for helping me when I called to find a place for Bruce and Sam and how helpful they were. Thanks for not letting him walk the full length in that blistering heat. I was even thinking very strongly about loading up my two little ones who are 3 and 5 and driving to ND to make sure he was able to find a place to stay and that he didn't have to walk to long in this blistering heat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you who are making
Bruces walk easier... Carol

Rodney Hess said...


Thanks so much for mentioning me in today's blog. Since, I was in that area of North Dakota for 3 weeks one time. I know a little bit about that area. I do not know when the International Pow Wow takes place in Bismarck, but I am sure you would enjoy it, if it happens as you travel through that area.

Yes, I-94 can really have some fast traffic, so you have to watch out for those crazy drivers who drive lots faster than the posted 75 MPH.

Have a great journey to Steele. Too bad my friend, Judy, is gone traveling right now, 'cause she would love to meet you. I worked in their USDA office when I was in Steele, and then some in the Jamestown office of USDA.

Happy Trails.