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Saturday, July 20, 2013


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When push comes to shove, today was one of the most pleasant days SAM and ME have shared...even though the wind was much stronger - about 25 knots - directly into our face all day...the heat was lessened by about 15 degrees, making it a comfy day to be out and about.

Following our prior discovery, made two (2) rest stops today...each one lasting about 30 minutes, sheltered from the heat and wind under freeway overpasses.

Our 32 mile walk began at 8:00 am, and finished at 5:00 pm...lasting 7 hours.

COZY CORNERS MOTEL, as we walk and rolled away at 7:00 am.  It took us one hour to walk to I-94 - stopping at the Convenience Store to stock up on ice.  Purchased a second large plastic Thermos for more ice.  It was a good decision, and will purchase a third one for crossing the hot expanses of Montana.

The large ice thermos remains CLOSED until a cold drink is needed.  Then, a small amount is transferred to smaller cup(s); desired drink is added to the ice-filled small cup; allowed a moment or two to get cold, then drunk down.

Also had a bit of ice left over in the ice bag.  Discovered that popping an ice cube into the mouth every few minutes, kept the body cooler, and avoided mouth dryness between drinks of juices / water...which happened every mile or so in the intense heat.

All in all, a much better result than  PUSHING through for hours on end, arriving at our destination all pooped out from the over exertion.

Will find a "thermo-blanket" around which we will enclose SAM's "kitchen", where all cold items are carried - a special constructed area between the push-handles...presently wrapped tightly with "Micro-fibre" blanket covered with SAM's water-proof reinforced plastic cover, which is fastened securely to the being held tightly in place with three elastic bungees which hold our CHAIR in place for quick easy handling on top of SAM's entire load of goodies.

Today is Saturday, July 20.  The Bicycle Shop in BISMARK is open today, but is 42 miles distant.  SAM and ME can walk the miles OK, but will take up to 12 hours to do so.  We have located yet one more Motel...this one in the village of STERLING, some 18 miles from STEELE.  We may stay one more day here in STEELE, or if we can get the TOP MOTEL in Sterling to answer their phone, might walk to Sterling today and stay two nights there, arriving in BISMARK about noon which time we will get SAM's broken wheel spokes replaced - HOPEFULLY !

MEDINA Cemetery...on the access road from town to I-94.

Looking back to MEDINA, NORTH DAKOTA from the I-94 overpass.

I-94 looking West toward BISMARK, some 70 miles distant.

Have disregarded the shadow created from the early / late day Sun...might add a bit of realism...on the other hand, may be a distraction...we shall see

Typical I-94 as it passes UNDER a crossing roadway...our "overpass", where we stop to rest, have a bite, and a long drink...while doing so, only two feet from the speeding (75 mph) vehicles whizzing past.

At first glance, the Grasslands do not have much to offer visually.  On closer looks, the roadside is teeming with birds, small animals, and plenty of "Road Kill"...animals that have gotten themselves killed trying to cross the roadway.

Please say HELLO to KIM ASH.  Kim, upon stopping in front of SAM, explained that she had (1):  Read the front page news report of SAM and ME in the JAMESTOWN Newspaper; had (2): seen SAM and ME as she drove past on the opposite side of the freeway some time ago...and was determined to stop on her way she could meet the intrepid travellers; had (3):  found us again, stopped, jumped out of her car now parked on the side of the busy interstate, said "Hi, I'm Kim"...gave me a hug..."Just had to meet you"...thrust a wad of $$ into my hand...stood still for a quick photograph (cut off the top of her head)...received a return hug...ran back to her car...daughter taking in all the theatrics...and zoomed back onto the busy interstate.

Thank you, Kim...would have been nice to chat a bit more, but I know it is un-nerving to be standing so close to 18-wheelers roaring past.

Rest Stop for travellers on I-94.  SAM and ME pulled into this Rest Stop - instead of using one of the Overpasses, where we took our 30 minute break...

...watching travellers come and go down the above paths between their vehicles and the clean convenient restrooms.

Please say HELLO to TOM and FRAN, both of EDMONDS, WASHINGTON...a few miles North of SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. 

Tom and Fran, on their own cross-country trip, stopped a moment to chat...always nice to meet neighbors (70 miles from BELLINGHAM) going our way.

I-94 Overpass...the final one exiting into our destination town, STEELE, NORTH DAKOTA..

The 24/7 Convenience Store at the I-94 exit to STEELE.

Typical construction...a local Apartment Building in Steele.

The Town Restaurant and meeting place, where, after putting SAM safely in our room, I visited for a very good Cod Fish "dinner", with all the trimmings.

Main Street...with Railroad Tracks, over which trains ran all night every half-hour or so...lucky I just tune them out, as the tracks are only a couple hundred feet from our motel room.

"Honey House" ???  was closed, so have no idea what that is about.

Please say HELLO to STEWART THOMPSON, local U.S. Mail Carrier, who took a seat at the bar next to me...just to chat before his dinner was served.

Inside the STEELE VETERANS CLUB...the only action in town - after the Convenience Store and a small Ice Cream / Burger business.

Please say HELLO to "other" dinner partner.  Have another photograph of Hoover, together with his lady-friend, BARBARA...but the message on Hoover's T-shirt is not suitable for public view...a decidedly NORTH DAKOTA message.

Please say HELLO to TINA.   It was Tina, who was apparently watching my "etiquette" from down the bar, as I enjoyed my fish dinner...this, because when it came time to pay up, was informed that that lovely lady down the bar has already paid for your dinner.

Of course, I joined Tina for a chat, which turned out to be a rather long and interesting 2-way conversation. 

Another friend joined Tina, who stole away our conversation, so I thanked her for dinner, and walked back to our motel.


FARMER AND MERCHANTS Store, where Hoover told me there is a good chance they have the wherewithal to fix up SAM's broken wheel spokes.

We will delay our departure from Steele until after the FARMER AND MERCHANTS opens in the morning...on chance SAM can be repaired right away.

Neighborhood residential street in Steele, North Dakota.

Our motel:  "OK MOTEL".

Room 20, our home for the night, is at the far left side...just across the street from the railroad tracks.

It is now 8:00 am, Saturday, July 20...a thunder and lightning storm have roared through town just an hour ago...already dried out as though nothing unusual happened.

Will now try to reach TOP MOTEL in Sterling, North Dakota, the result of which will dictate how SAM and ME proceed.


Anonymous said...

Hi today
Dallas of wv

Rodney Hess said...


Here's hoping you will have the chance to get your spokes replaced, before you leave Steele.

I am sure you had much cooler weather today, 'cause our high in Central Minnesota was a balmy 75 degrees this afternoon. Great day for walking, rolling, or biking.

Have a great journey on Sunday.