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Sunday, July 14, 2013


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...And so, we begin our trek through yet another state:  NORTH DAKOTA

This update covers the first two full days, from WAHPETON to LISBON, a bit of which is by vehicle - with SAM aboard - as there were no rooms at the INN in, KARI, Manager of the Gwinner motel, hauled SAM and ME in her car the 15 miles to SUPER 8 in Lisbon.

Highway 13, leaving the town of Wahpeton, North Dakota...looking West.

The countryside in this part of North Dakota - and adjacent Minnesota - is referred to as the GLACIAL PLAIN - having been an ancient lake bed formed by retreating Glaciers.  It is, therefore, quite FLAT, with many low-lying lakes and wetlands...with the Red River running through from North to South along the border of the two States.

Freeway I-29, heading for the city of FARGO, some 60 miles north of Highway 13.

Became acquainted with the local Police right off.

Please say HELLO to 19 year old WILLIS. 

Willis, having driven past SAM and ME, turned around, stopped, and gifted is a gallon of drinking water...welcomed in the near 100 degree high humidity AM and ME have been facing the past few being no exception.

Please say HELLO to BREE and JIM, who also stopped to find out what SAM and ME was about.  After chatting for a while, they asked if we needed anything....well, yes, we are later than I wish, and am concerned there may be no motel rooms available in the town of WYNDMERE, where we plan to spend the night.

Bree and Jim:  Not to worry...we will drive on ahead and arrange your rooms...

Refusing my $20.00 to "hold the room", off they drove.  We met Bree and Jim one more we walked and rolled into Wyndmere...telling us to go two more blocks to the BLACK PELICAN BAR & GRILL MOTEL.

Bree and Jim drove off...not to be seen by SAM and ME again - so far!

Highway 13...our route the first two days in N. Dakota.

Railroad Tracks passing under Highway 13.

...and yet another view of Highway 13 passing through the ancient lake bottom.

Please say HELLO to RICHARD.  Richard, Brother to a number of sigling in the BLACK PELICAN, this Friday Night, took the role of my guide, introducing me to many of the fun loving folks eating, drinking, and frolicking the evening away

...while outside, ole SOL was giving a show of her own...


Turns out, SAM and ME were the only motel guests Friday night.

...also turns out Bree and Jim prepaid our room...Paul (not photographed) paid for my beer...and dinner...only to be over-ruled by Richard, who usurped the right to treat me to dinner..

Sure is a different world lately...with folks lining up to treat SAM and ME.  I am truly overwhelmed by our recent acceptance...even the MEDIA is chasing us down for interviews as we walk along their highways.


Please say HELLO to SANDY, Sistesr-in-Law, of RICHARD, standing next to her.

Sandy and Hubby Jim, are owners of the CRANBERRY BED & BREAKFAST located at FORT RANSOM STATE PARK, 17 miles North of LISBON, N.Dakota.

SAM and ME have been handed the keys to CRANBERRY B&B for Sunday night...

Jim, Sandy, and Richard (Jim's Brother), may join SAM and ME at the B&B...seems we enjoy each other's War Stories.

Storm Clouds gathering over BLACK a few moments, I witnessed one of the most incredible rain downpours ever...even a tornado reported a bit South of us.

Please say HELLO to JENNY. 

Jenny suffered a traumatic head injury recently...Jenny, another of the many adorable people to enter my life out here walking America.

The farmland we are walking has been recently over run by massive flood water emanating from the Red River floods in and around FARGO, North Dakota. 

The above image is just one of the channels the flood water created a couple weeks ago.  The countryside is still covered in extensive flood water, coving miles of recently planted fields.

Flooded fields...

Old Barn...leaning noticeably toward the camera...

Please say HELLO to BETTY VELAND...

...also, please say HELLO to BOB VELAND. 

Betty and Bob were driving Highway 13, reading the local morning newspaper, which carried a bit about SAM and ME...when they passed us by...making a 180 degree back to us...excited to see us as they were reading the article.

Please say HELLO to CHERESA ERICKSON and STEPHANY HABER...local young ladies from the town of MILNOR...out for the day on their QUAD...

...having also read the newspaper article, Cheresa and Stephany - together with their friends on three more QUADS - stopped to say HI.

Please say HELLO to EDDIE and STACY...accompanying Cheresa and Stephany - together with two more QUADS...everyone heading for a Four-Wheeler romp through the countryside.

MILNOR, NORTH DAKOTA...home of Cheresa and Stephany...SAM and ME stopped at the local Convenience Store, but did not venture into town, some many blocks off Highway we were becoming later and later in arriving at our next destination:  GWINNER.

Please say HELLO (again) to RON and NANCY, whom we met a few days ago.

Ron and Nancy are on their way to visit YELLOWSTONE, and just happened to spot SAM and ME...always nice to meet OLD new friends again and again.

Please say HELLO to KERI, RANDY, and (Wife) MARY...who just happen to be sitting on my bed in SUPER 8 Motel in LISBON, North Dakota. the day progressed...with SAM and ME getting later and later in our arrival at Gwinner to find a motel, Randy and Mary flashed past on Highway 13 on their 1800 Hog (motorcycle).  Mary, we met in WAHPETON, two days ago.  They made a 180 back to SAM and ME.

Hugs anew from Mary...and Hello to Hubby Randy...yes, we could sure use some help with our motel.  No sooner said than Randy and Mary are zooming off on their shiny black steed, disappearing into the distance.

Randy returns ALONE.

...No Room At The Inn...and Mary is with Kari, owner of the "full" motel, waiting for your decision to accept Kari's offer to drive you and SAM to the SUPER 8 in Lisbon, where we have already reserved you a room.

Long Story Made Shorter:  Within 2 minutes, Kari pulls over next to SAM and ME...we, load up SAM...Randy disappears on his Bike...and Kari delivers Mary, SAM and ME to Lisbon, North Dakota.

Randy shows up after SAM is unloaded and safely in the VIP Suite...Randy toting a 6-Pack of SAMUEL ADAMS (Beer).  The four of us relax in my room, SAM looking on, downing our beers.

Saying Goodbye - a second time to Mary - is getting difficult. 

Handing my Credit Card to SUE, SUPER 8 Desk Clerk,...sorry says she...Randy and Mary already covered it...and they were already over the distant horizon, heading to their favorite spot beside their secret stream...I telephone Randy after getting my own dinner at the nearby thank him; well, says Randy, I have family out your way...maybe we can work something out...

Already my distant future is being booked !

MARY, RANDY, and ME...I even got a ride on Randy's motorcycle ... fun fun fun.

Please say HELLO to dinner "company".  Trevor works for the City of Lisbon Water Works, Lisbon being his "home town" - after spending some years at FORT LEWIS, the Army Base a bit South of Seattle and quite near my very own STUMP RANCH. 

Please say HELLO to SHERRY

Sherry, attending college, studying to become an RN (Registered Nurse), and also, my hostess for dinner, sat on a high stool facing me during my entire dinner...enraptured by "War Stories".

It is now nearly 9:00 am, Sunday, July 14, 2013.  Am about to FINALLY post this update, pack up SAM, walk the 17 miles to FORT RANSOM, where we are to meet with Richard for lunch before heading the final 4 miles to Jim and Sandy's B&B.

Tomorrow, I must make my final decision:  Do I continue on to MINOT, North Dakota and it's crowded - crime ridden - oil fields (my first preference), or take the safe road West ... meaning Interstate 94...into MONTANA

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Rodney Hess said...

I have been following you ever since you entered Minnesota. Since then, I have been following your blog every single day, and going back to when you first started your journey. As you get further across North Dakota, you may even meet a wonderful lady by the name of Judy. I sent her an e-mail, telling her about your journey. Good luck, be safe, and don't overdue it the next few days in the extreme heat forecasted.