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Thursday, July 11, 2013


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This update requires a bit of explaining:

It is now 3:45 am, on the mornilng of Thursday, July 11, 2013.  SAM and ME are in the PRAIRIE INN Motel in the town of MORRIS, MINNESOTA, having walked into town late yesterday evening.  We are both OK...if a bit battered from the intense WINDS full in our face for the past three days.  Events have precluded my ability to sit down at this computer to render updates each day....explained below.

From  Morris, it is 58 miles to our next town BRECKENRIDGE, MINNESOTA...not even a place to purchase food or water along the way (or so I am told).  Have decided, therefore, to give a quickie blog update to the town of Benson...update to Morris must wait until we reach Breckenridge...which SAM and ME will attempt to reach TODAY...walking all 58 miles in one effort...a thirteen-hour walk (+ rest stops, if any_)

My phone will be ON...

For whatever reason, my computer is not allowing me to physically move the cursor ...perhaps it is getting tired - just like it is now over 5 years old.  I will omit the photo by photo comments...saying only that the pics are in story-line sequence as the walk progressed. 

We left Litchfield just a massive overhead LIGHTNING, THUNDER, AND TORRENTIAL RAIN began...lasting about 1.5 hours, during which we walked to the BNSF (Railroad) offices, where employees kindly sent a e-mail to my Nephew Carl, Supervisor of BNSF Track Maintenance north of SEATTLE, WASHINGTON.

After an excellent (best prices in America) breakfast at FREDA's, our walk was difficult heading into the - at least- 25 mile per hour headwinds, which did not let up all day.

Near WILMAR, lovely WANDA stopped us...inviting me to dinner and ???

Short story...very much looking forward to din din and ???, put off updating this blog...nevertheless, spent the evening alone, walking on to BENSON the next day...again against incredible head winds. 

Want to mention meeting GALEN of ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA, who stopped his 18-wheeler on US 12...just to chat and offer $$ donation to help SAM and ME on our way.  Galen drives his own truck (renting the trailer), to haul HIS corn to the local ETHANOL plant.  Told Galen that ethanol is so corrosive that I had to have my motorcycle gas tank completely rebuilt because the ethanol destroyed the internal BELLINGHAM Radiator Shop tells me 90 % of his business is now rebuilding gas tanks for small motors.

Arriving in BENSON, after battling winds all day, the local Motel refused to allow SAM into their building - after I spent $110.00 for the only room available...second floor JACUZZI.  Told the abusive "clerk" that I would carry SAM up the which she yelled at me...NO!, is not allowed inside the building.  I suggested she call the POLICE, which she did.  POLICEMAN already knew SAM and ME from our prior POLICE contacts walking across Minnesota the past many days (a very normal occurrence as the POLICE track SAM and ME all across America ... a comfy thing for me I can tell you).  Mr. backed up by the local SHERIFF, said the motel is PRIVATE which I agreed.  SAM remained outside (even though Mr. POLICEMAN offered to park SAM overnight inside the police garage).

Short story...POLICE are still our friends and protectors, however for ME, the stress of our walk and roll to reach BENSON...together with at least two hours lost fighting the desk clerk (SUE) trying to protect SAM, was a bit, I again put off updating this blog for another night.

Yesterday, SAM and ME walked to MORRIS, where I have spent many hours - after catching a few hours sleep - preparing THIS blog update.  I apologize for not completing updates as events occur...I will try to do better. 

Upon reaching Breckenridge this evening (I hope), will try to include yesterday's walk AND today's upcoming stroll in our next update.

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skeeterraz said...

Bruce I was glad to see your post as I was hoping things were going ok for you since it had been two days since your last post. I'm sorry that clerk had to be so rude to you and wouldn't let you bring Sam into the hotel. It's not like Sam was going to hurt anything. Especially since you had to pay quite a bit of money for a room. Safe travels today and I hope someone is nice enough today to stop and give you a ride part of that walk as 13 hours of walking in one day is a lot with no place to stop.