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Saturday, September 3, 2011


UPDATE OF A DAY OUT - from walking...

Rain pattering on SPIA's aluminum roof woke me, no time to do the repair to the right hand side of SPIA. It should be OK if I don't put any weight up there - especially when driving.

After a few hours' rainfall, inspected my previous work...all looks to be in leaks so far.

Tried to make a phone call to American Express Credit Card - my "banker". Shock !

My AT&T 3G phone - new at CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO 4 months ago simply quit working. Took it in to the local AT&T corporate office...they don't know what is wrong with it...they cannot - will not - fix it...must purchase a new phone & if I do, will lose all my memory, which includes all phone numbers from umpteen years not on the SIM card.

In frustration went to VERIZON to pick up a "cheap" phone. Cheapest is $89.00. Simply do not have the $$, so left VERIZON with no phone. I do have an old AT&T 2G phone which might work when I switch SIM cards.

I really do not need a phone as no one calls me. I use the phone for emergencies - have had none - and to chat with family & friends on some of those long lonely stretches; and to make bank transfers to pay for the Mini Computer monthly fee ($50.50 per month).

Is there no end to the petty problems thrown at me...I came out here to walk.

At least, I have SPIA, who is at the moment dry and cozy for the night. Also, I can heat water and cook. Today, before my nap, striped down, and gave myself a three-time-over good scrubbing; rinsed with ice water from the Ice Chest. Felt great...almost human again.

Oh, yes, also picked up Heart Medication from WALMART today. Been taking the stuff since 1995...Cardiologist told me if I skip the medication for three days, don't be concerned. After four days, won't matter anyhow. Been out for a week or so, so thought I best not push my luck.

Thank you to all those sending good wishes...just ignore a bit down at the moment, but I see a corner up ahead...just gotta get to the corner. Always something waiting around the next corner.

Tomorrow IS another day - Gone With The Wind...that is Aimee's Stomp'n Ground.

1 comment:

Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

That's right - just got to get to the corner, something better is waiting! You keep your chin up ~ you deserve good things, and I believe they will happen!

Yes, Gone With The Wind is a favorite of this Georgia girl!! I try to always remember that tomorrow is another day, another opportunity for good things! So sorry that you had to see the gnatty, buggy part of Georgia when you came through, it's really a beautiful place to live!

One thought - have you checked out the Trac phone? They are sold at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc - my stepson had one for a while. They are pretty cheap (I think about $20) and you buy minutes for them. Might be an alternative so you have a phone for emergencies.

I hope that you have a much better day tomorrow! : )